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Refurbish your La Sardina

I was very happy, when I heard I had won a La Sardina at the “Telefonbuch” competition. Unfortunately I don’t like white very much, so I planned to refurbish my Sardine cam to have an individual camera (that it looks similar to the Maps Edition was by accident ;D)

My Spinner 360's Last Spin, or Not

As the manual said, you have to be really careful with any falls, but is it possible to fix this?

Shots Before Meals

Here are some suggestions in taking photographs of food.

Love Expensive Film Effects but Can't Afford the Film? No Problem.

Take a pair of sunglasses, put them in front of your cameras lens, and shoot. The effects are unique and give you the more expensive film look with regular bargain bin finds.

Mini Instant-Photo Magnets

For my birthday my best friend and former room mate custom-made me magnets. For me, they doubled up as a housewarming gift that makes me feel nostalgic for analogue, and for some of my greatest memories, every time I grab myself something out of the fridge - which is often!

Bottle Lomo

A little idea for how to display your Lomos.

Taking Back Tipsters: Getting Ready for the Holidays with Lomography Accessories!

Christmas is just around the corner; are you done with your Holiday plans and decorations? What about your analogue gear, are they ready for snapping away this festive season? If not, don't fret, we have some nice tipsters featuring some Lomography accessories for you to check out!

Bookinding Project No.3 - Freestyle Ringbound Album.

A simple and easy way of making any size of book that you want, and it can be as eclectic as you want it to be :D

To-Do Notes You'll Adhere To: Instant Photo Reminders

This easy-as-pie tipster will encourage you to do those things you always say you're going to do but dont!

Have a Wide Christmas with the LC-Wide!

The LC-Wide is certainly a lomographer's favorite all-around, all-season shooter. Of course, Christmas, with its colorful scenes and snowy landscapes, is one of the perfect times to go wide! Should you decide to take the LC-Wide with you for a Holiday shooting spree, we have some quick tips to help you take those perfect Christmas snapshots!

The Triple SLR Redscale Closet Experiment!

Think Redscale can't be overexposed? Let's run it through three different SLRs... and my closet.

DIY Ideas for Gifts and Wrapping: Lomographic Keychains

You have no idea on what you'll give to your friends for Christmas? Do you want to be original? Do you want to somehow include in your gift a part of you, maybe your Lomographic part? Then read on!

Last Minute Hong Kong Trip

I didn't need a reason to visit Hong Kong, I just felt like visiting. Just like how writer Hu Jing Fang puts it, "I am blindly in love with Hong Kong"...I love Hong Kong too!

A Very Human Location: China and its People

Every place has its own geographical characteristics, but it's the people who complete the landscape. China can't escape from that, and here we will review it a bit, therefore, this time, we have a very human location.

Stratford: Olympic Stadium

Back in August and September I was lucky enough to get some work experience from a TV production company who would be doing some filming at the Paralympics. Such a once in a lifetime opportunity, I went packed with plenty of films! I was guessing this stuff wouldn't be here after the Olympics and Paralympics so I was just taking photos of most things!

Life with the LC-Wide

After first bringing the Lomo LC-Wide on a trip, here's a proper test roll featuring slices of everyday life. I took the wide-eyed wonder with me to work, play, around the city, and out of town again, and I have to say that the LC-Wide is a greater all-around camera than the LC-A+. Literally!

A Quick Tipster to Make Ghostly Doubles

Do you want to surprise your friends with pictures full of ghosts for the next Halloween party? Here are some tips to obtain some ghostly doubles!

Quickie Tipster: Simple Case for the LC-Wide with a Diana F + Lens Case

When I got the Diana + 38mm Super-Wide Lens I bought and unpacked, I noticed that my LC-Wide fits exactly in the supplied bag.

Spooky Lighting Techniques: Colorsplash of Horror!

Here is a simple trick to create spooky photos using your external flash.

Multiple Exposures with the Belair X 6-12

Shooting photos with the Belair X 6-12 is incredibly easy; and so is experimenting with multiple exposures! Read all about it after the jump.

How to Make a Homemade Redscale

Want to turn your color film into a redscale one? In less than two minutes you can turn your roll into one!

Create your own Lomographic Brooches

On your purse, on your backpack, on the lapel of your coat, as a scarf pin or wherever you want. Give your style a Lomographic touch with these felt brooches.

I See Circles

If you are looking for an original way to make doubles, this is your tipster. Circles, squares, hearts, and anything that pops in your mind.

Light Painting: Dancing in the Dark

Want to improve your light painting? Do you dream of defined glowing figures in your photos? Follow these steps and you can create bright Lomographs.

New Season, New Suit - Paint your Diana Mini

Bored by the looks of your camera? No money for new analogue gadgets? Mismatching colour schemes? Why don't you pop open a can of bling, and give your old friend a shiny new look.

Action Playback by SuperSampler

SuperSampler is an economic, fun, and practical recorder type of analogue camera. Simply bring it along on your journey and record your daily life. Feel free to playback your photos after one month and recall back your life in the past month. How sweet, isn't it?

Packing Tips for the Analogue Traveler

Now that you've decided to plan your next adventure, you are probably thinking how you can pack all your favorite films, cameras, and accessories. I come to the rescue with some rather basic packing tips that could be helpful, whether you're a novice or pro analogue traveler!

SA-WIDE-EKA! Bangkok with the LC-Wide

The first thing that greeted me at the Suvarnabhumi Airport was a billboard for Siam International Bank which said "First happens everday." So appropriate for my first trip to Thailand and my first time shooting with the LC-Wide!

The Analogue Reader: Top 10 Modern Classic Children's Books To Read

We got cut short with some of the notable children's classics from some weeks ago, so now, we invite you once more to pick up some books that we have all loved as budding analogue readers. This time, we bring you some of the more recent classics enjoyed by the young and the young at heart. Are you curious to find out if your favorite is on this list? Go ahead and read on!

Felt Bag for the Sweet Diana Baby

My newest camera in the family naturally also needed a small felt bag, so they can go on trips always protected.

The Many Colors of the Minitar

It's amazing how one analogue camera can produce a dozen of colors in one shot!

LC-Wide Yourself!

Admit it, photographers don't usually get their photos taken especially when most people rely on them for amazing portraits and profile photos!

Accessorize your LC-A Without Damaging it!

Here's a quick and easy way to attach things to your LC-A without causing any permanent damage to the camera itself.

Tips for Analogue Travelers

Are you presently planning any trips, whether a quick adventure or a long-term journey? Is that a yes? Well, I thought of whipping up a tipster for all you fellow analogue travelers out there. Read on and see if you find them useful!

Redscale Paradise in My Summer 2012

I got my first box of redscale film this summer. It is so fresh, different, and fun to play with! You should try it! How? I will show you some examples and how!:) Also, here are some tips on how to shoot with a point-and-shoot analog camera and a Single Lens Reflex Camera!

Childhood Analogue Photos

Here are some of my childhood photos. Please don't laugh...I'm pretty sure your collection is just as horribly adorable.

Malaysia Community's Review on Lomography Cameras

Malaysia has a lot of amazing collection of Lomographs. I've asked around the community here among the 5 active community members in Malaysia and they have taken the time to review their favorite choices of Lomography cameras, share experiments, as well as tips on which films to pair it with! Let's check it out after the jump!

Kickin' It! A Shorty's Guide to Finding Focus

I always thought being vertically challenged was a disadvantage in life, until I learned to put my short limbs to good use while learning to focus my LC-A!

Capturing Autumn in Black and White

Here you can find some tips to capture the magic light of the autumn using a black and white film and a camera with a simple lens scheme.

The Portable Scrapbook - Decorate Your La Sardina DIY With Mementos

Are you a scrapbooker? Or someone who likes to keep mementos? Put those scraps of paper that have been lying around in that shoebox to good use and decorate your La Sardina DIY!