• nightshots from a bridge

    shared by bloomchen on 2013-03-01

    it is fun to do nightshots of highways. the results are always so different. this time i chose a velvia 100 but i must say the choice of provia 100 last time was better. but it could be that i exposed a little bit too long (max. 20 sec.) so the colours became a bit pale or better not so intense. this time police stopped by and asked what i was doing. i was on my way home from frisbee training and still with my jersey and a down jacket. so the one guy eyeballed me and he had this facial expression of: why the hell is this guy running around with running shorts + shorts and a polar down jacket and takes photos of car driving by.

  • doubles with sobetion

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    in case you missed the original album pls visit the LH of sobetion: - part two to come hopefully soon

  • Last day...

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    Amazing and fascinating building of the brand new Museum of Mediterranean Civilisation in Marseille, by the french architect Rudy Ricciotti

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  • Flashy!

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  • If people could live on clouds.

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    I made this photo with a finger-split

  • infinity and beyond

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    My first Horizon shots.

  • on stoney ground

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    A walk along the beach at Gunwalloe, Cornwall where even though it was stoney underfoot we still enjoyed taking shoes off and feeling the warm pebbles beneath our toes.

  • accidents will happen

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    I'm still getting used to my Horizon camera so it was no surprise when I mistakenly opened the back of it while there was still film inside. As a result I lost a few frames and a whole bunch of shots ended up blue. And that's precisely why I love analogue so much, when stuff like this happens and the results are totally unexpected but more than welcome at the same time.

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  • baby steps

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    As it was her first time on a beach she was a little nervous about going near the water. Thankfully the anxiety didn't last and before too long she got the idea, running around like a lunatic, digging holes, building sandcastles and paddling in the sea. In the end she liked it so much we couldn't drag her away.

  • portrait)

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    triple exposure

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    I started shooting this roll on the way back from my last #vacation (couldn't resist the #sunflowers) and finished it in #Istanbul. Turned out a bit darker then expected, as I had set the ISO to 400.

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    First roll testing out My $20 Minolta Himatic reveals some grossly underexposed shots. Being that roll 2 looks better, I think it was old film or wrong ISO info set on camera.

  • nikon fm

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    nikon fm+ilford delta3200

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  • Sziget Festival Budapest 2012

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    This is one of my favourite lomographs. It gives a good impression of the atmosphere at the festival. It was very crowded at the Killers concert, when these two decided to climb this post in the back of the audience to have a better view of the stage.

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  • more balloons

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  • Spinning In Bavaria

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  • Petite Ceinture

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    abandoned railways see Lomolocation here: ----------------------- I love to go on the Paris Petite Ceinture abandoned railways... It's the best way to disconnect with the world when leaving in this big stressful city. ---------------------- Also check out this blog entry for the light flares challenge:

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  • Super Happy Sunday

    shared by hervinsyah on 2014-03-24

    Since @adi_totp told me that my most favorite band, Au Revoir Simone will held their concert in Indonesia, I'm really excited. Searching where can I get their ticket concert everyday. Finally yesterday, Sunday, March 23rd, 2014 I came to Jakarta, the capital city of Indonesia to see them for the first time. I came early from my hometown Bandung (normally when traffic like always happen, Bandung - Jakarta take two in a half or three hour, but seems like God very nice to me, I came to Jakarta from Bandung only at one and a half hour). Jakarta has washed by the rain. After ask the security they said the concert will held 2 hours later from that time (3 PM). So I ask him where the closest toilet. Then he told me to go to the third floor. It's like blessing in disguise. After finish with nature calling at the toilet and spent the rest two hour waiting at Gramedia book store, suddenly when I read some book at the store I heard some familiar voice speak with American English language. Then I was running into the source of the familiar voice. Oh My Allah SWT, am I dreaming? One of my favorite musician walk through in front of me. Then I ask the man who walk behind her "excuse me sir, is she Erika Spring from Au Revoir Simone?" then the man said yes. And I ask him again "can I take a photo with her?" then he said "ask her" Spontaniously I scream her name while she walk fastly in front of me "Erika!!!" then she turn back and showing me her very beautiful smile then she said "oohh, hiii" then I moving my hand to handshake with her and said "hello, I'm Epin" And we shake hand, she hold me friendly and a little cheek friendly touch which made me very nervous because I never do that, only shake hands =*) Then suddenly another band member, Annie Hart and Heather D'Angelo come from behind and made me more surprise. "Hi, I'm Epin" spontaniously I shake my hand to the rest of the band member but only shake hand =) Heather and Annie is very friendly, all of them are very nice to the annoying fans like me. I'm the lucky fans. but I know they seems in a hurry because they walk fast. "Can we do a photo together?" I ask. But Erika said "Maybe we do a photo later" she said. Then I said "One minute please" and they ok with that. They are super humble and the best friendly international musician that I ever meet. When I took my Erika (my Horizon Perfekt named after my favorite musician, Erika Spring =) Heather commented on the Horizon Perfekt camera "oh, cool" For Your Information, Heather is a Bachelor degree of Photography in Parsons. Then she studied astrophysics but move to environmental study. Then I said "Can we do selfie" Then Erika said "Maybe you should ask him (she look at their Liation Officer) to take a picture" then I ask the LO "Mas, bisa minta tolong difotoin, tinggal dipencet tombol yang ini" then he snap me & the band and this is the best photo of Au Revoir Simone that I had =( The rest of the photo are blur, unfocus and underxposure also overexposure. It break my heart. I should stop take a picture with my none blitz/flash/hotsoe Horizon Perfekt camera at low light and back light condition. -----------------------

  • Come to Kebun Binatang (zoo) Bandung on Sunday...

    shared by hervinsyah on 2012-09-08

    ... because they will give us a chance to take a photo with the animal outside of their cage

  • old

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  • I submit this photo to "Lomography & Lemaitre…

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    the 3rd floor of Al Masjid Al Haram ----

  • Lomowalk escape from the city

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    with @achmad-magabutz @bebopbebop @debi4n @ekeupratama @fadjaradiputra @vespa66 & our two new friend @nadeanp & Tiadi Pramiko

  • shaking

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    selfie _____________________________________________________________ Runner-up of Yelle rumble

  • Asia Afrika festival

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    Angklung Buncis SMA 24 Bandung @ Konferensi Asia Afrika fest, 20.4.2013 ----------------------

  • double exposure

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    night and day ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ I use this photo at article

  • PERSIB Bandung isn't just a soccer team

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    It's the icon of West Java --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- @ Siliwangi stadium, Bandung, West Java, Indonesia, South East Asia

  • The most energetic grandpa cover The Rolling…

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    He sang like crazy after he run to the stairs of the pedestrian bridge when I was stand

  • so so

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    Mayday view... but look at the hand of the 2nd man from the left =p

  • @aceradendesenasuria

    shared by hervinsyah on 2013-08-24 Before he should leave me and adi earlier because of his school event. At the first lomowalk after one month fasting on Ramadhan month, located on Jalan (street/road) Banceuy, Bandung, Indonesia

  • Kitten Kat

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    1st rank of Top Photo Commenters of 2014 (10108 comments)

  • My cousins, Ryan F. Pratama & his wife, Lita…

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    "You're officially married, and now you can kiss your bride" the mc said @ Mesjid (mosque) Gedung Keuangan Negara, jalan (street) Asia Afrika, Bandung, West Java, Indonesia, South East Asia

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    More details on handmade hybrid processing here:

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  • Colors

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    #Italy No. 9 of 16, #SprocketRocket loaded with #CN400, trip to #Camogli and some shots of the #cathedral in #Milano

  • Horizon Perfekt / Kodak 160T

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  • Horizon Perfekt / Sprocket Rocket / Filters

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    multiple exposure