a peep into the soul of a place...

Panjim, the capital city of Goa, on the western coast of India is a classic example of how street imagery showcases the various shades of a place.

But..first things first…what better way to move around the city, than cocooned in the most popular public modes of transport…the Auto-Rickshaw!..a sight that can never be missed in all of India..!!!
For those who are not familiar with this way of traveling..the Auto-Rickshaw is a rather traditional way of traveling in towns and cities of India…its a three wheeler tiny vehicle that is slow and easy paced but boasts of great dexterity of movement…every important navigating the crowded streets here…!…

Credits: jimjimm

And then, after getting into one…the sights of the street are will be delight..!!!..thats a promise..!
Panjim city’s historical architecture, from the Portuguese period of rule, is widespread and creates a visual that has come to be synonymous with Goa…a classical style that is a fusion between the Portuguese and Local designs.

Credits: jimjimm

Contrasting to this traditional image, is the modern tropical style, that is independent of historical influences and is created from geographical aspects that are unique to the place and following a architectural language that is without any of the historical building elements.

Credits: jimjimm

Street imagery is surely, one of the best ways to peep into the soul of a place…and from my experience…the Horizon Kompakt is the ideal “weapon of choice”..!!!…

written by jimjimm on 2014-06-03