Holga Panoramic Tryouts...

Credits: jet

I´m not really proud of the results of the experiment, but while practice do the master, I´ll share the first experiences

Credits: jet

Now I Know tha only 15 clicks wiht the holga it´s not enought to avoid extreme superposition of images, next time, I will try with 18 or 20 clicks and see the results…

Of all the tryouts, this is my favorite:

Credits: jet

written by jet on 2010-11-07


  1. luobodingr
    luobodingr ·

    It's a start! All this stuff is a journey and you have taken the first step. Looking forward to seeing the next set!

  2. sinvertigo
    sinvertigo ·

    Nice work dude!!!... ;) (se dice asi, no? XD)