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Who are the Kikuyu?

The Kikuyu are the doctors, nurses and patients that make up the Kikuyu Eye Unit in Kenya. So allow us to introduce the Kikuyu people by sharing their history, culture and photos taken of and by the Kikuyu.

Diana+ Splitzer Review

I had bought the Splitzer shortly after I got my Diana F+ Dreamer. Those amazing pictures done with a splitzer had really impressed me. It's a totally great piece of plastic which can absolutely spice your photos up.

Click Guide for Diana Mini (53 Photos From a 36 Exposure Roll)

An easy add-on to your Diana Mini to monitor your clicks, and get 53 square frame photos from your typical 36 exposure 135 film. Check it out!

Moody Sky
Self Portrait Speed Phone

Never-Before-Seen Beatles Photos Set for Auction at Christie's

In 1964, the United States had their first taste of rock music from The Beatles, the British sensation that was quickly taking the world by storm. Nearly 50 years after the historic US concert, Christie's will put on auction some never-before-seen snapshots of the British Invasion.

Easy and Fast SPLITZ with Your Fingers

Have forgotten your LC-A splitzer or can't find it once again? Or do you just have to be fast, with no time to mount and set your splitzer? That's not a problem. You don't need the splitzer all the time to do the splitz. You can use your finger!

Krab: Beach Storage!

The Krab is more than just a holder for your LC-A+!

The Rolling Stones: Lost and Found

Imagine getting a chance to photograph one of the biggest bands in the world, with the photos resulting from the shoot included as potential covers of their next album. Then imagine losing the negatives in a bizarre series of events, leaving you with just a single photograph to remember the whole thing by.

A 100% DIY Laser-Cut Camera!

Want to make your own camera? With a solid plan, some tools and lots of time, you can!

DearPhotograph: Photographs Are Like Memories

What you see is never quite what was actually there. Colors and contracts are false, light leaks erase parts of the scene. With time, photos - just like memories - can fade completely.

Infants and Analogue

The day my four year old niece ran to my LC-A+ to see the photo I had just captured of her on the back of the camera, I knew I had to show her a thing or two about photography, and more importantly, direct her towards a world of dreamy abstracts and swoon inducing vignettes that only film photography can guarantee her and steer her away from the mundane digital shots she was so already used to.

Alonissos. A little piece of paradise...

I hesitated long before doing that particular lomolocation. Why? Well… Because maybe I’d rather keep that place secret… But slowly, I realized I wanted to share this with people of lomography. I’ve met some of them in the site and I realized that they were all very nice persons… That deserved to know.

Elle Fanning at Chanel with Her Diana Mini!

The masses gathered in style for a week of high fashion and fantasy as the Paris Haute Couture Fashion Week came into full force. The Chanel show especially sparkled, and it wasn't just the floors and seats covered in black glitter, but also the star-studded crowd including Elle Fanning, who was sporting our beloved Diana Mini.

Get Creative with Overlapping Images with the LOMO LC-Wide!

The half-frame format of the LOMO LC-Wide enables you to create amazing dreamlike overlapped images.

The Diana+ 38mm Super-Wide Lens

The super-wide lens for Diana+ increases the space in your pictures, allows you to see more and creates interesting effects in the borders.

MX With the Fujifilm Instax!

I get lots of questions about doing multiple exposures with my Fujifilm Instax 7s. It's really easy, actually...

Crazy Colour Filters Tailored for the Instax Mini 7S

Bursts of colour everywhere on a tiny canvas? Yes please!

Paper Light Meter and Zombies

A (Lomo) prophecy is being fulfilled! In a zombie apocalyptic world, you will have to leave all the modern day comforts behind. Are you ready to say goodbye to electricity and battery-powered electronic automation? Paper Light Meter will help you get properly exposed shots until the end of days.

Redscale + Normal Double Exposure: Save Me from Mediocrity

I often take photos and think "It's going to be another boring roll of film!" Then I found that it is never too late to save those boring shots. By taking the film out and shooting a second layer with redscale, the results can be exciting and mesmerizing.

Kodak Portra 160 NC 120: N(ormal) C(olor) but Brilliant Pictures!

By bearing the term "Normal Color" in it´s name, the Kodak Portra 160 NC accepts to be seen as a boring film. But it actually isn't...

Diana F+ VS. Holga (The First Round)

This is a war between Holga and Diana F+. Who will gain victory in the end? We shall see!

My Favourite Photographer: My Father

From the moment my father showed me the photos he had taken when he was young, I came to the conclusion that, without a doubt, love for photography is in our genes.

Film Bandolier

Whether you are shooting bullets in a battle or shooting frames on a lomo trip, you have to have something to carry your many rolls or rounds. They are handy, and are good in a pinch when you don't have time to hung for your film rolls in your camera bag.

Fantasy Double Exposure

I felt that life is repetitive and I am consumed by work! I would like to hold my camera and shoot something in order to let off some steam but I know that my photos are quite ordinary. Once, when I had completed another roll of snapshots, I decided to rewind the film and produce a roll of special double exposures.

The Sky Is the Limit!

Wings for your lomo !!!???Did you know Aerial Photography is a technique followed by many people around the world, I discovered it recently, and searching through the net, I reached the experimental photographer Peru Izeta, who performing aerial photography mounting his analog camera on a kite! !

Lomo LC-Wide Enters and Breaks Into My Life

The new Lomo LC-Wide presented on Thursday May 19th offers great news and great opportunities to unleash the imagination.

LC-A+ Splitzer: Split Your Creativity

The LC-A+ Splitzer enables you to maximize your creativity! Go split those images and let your imagination run wild!

Don't Diss Digital!

Analogue is the future, yes; we all know that?! BUT think how much this analogue revolution relies on digital intervention and why it works so well.

Traffic Lights in My Photos

The traffic lights are signaling devices which are placed at the intersections of the streets, but also within your Lomographic cameras.