• abandoned factory by Fuji Velvia100(Xpro)

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  • Oasis Park

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    I forgot to upload this album. Photos from the day at Oasis Park - loved it!

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  • Red Beach

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    Don't know why it is so red... :-(

  • Alegría, alegría!!

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  • The Shire

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    swiss 2010 3 bikes, 3 friends, 4 days, 230 km, 9000 m difference in altitude. great landscape. nice trails. superp holidays!!

  • Freedom

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    To be freeminded and to enjoy travelling! And carry Diana with me all the time

  • Panorama EBS at Stonehenge #4

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    I woke really early and drove 100km to be at the ancient, mystical ruins of Stonehenge by sunrise. It was a frigid morning (3°C) with a bitter wind, but at least it was clear, with plenty of sunshine. I approached the 'exposing both sides' (EBS) technique the same way as described in my first panorama EBS album here: The only difference was that I had a changing bag with me this time, so I could flip the film onsite from the redscale side (which I shot first) back to the normal side. I froze my ass off out there, but I think it was worth it for these results. Hope you like 'em too...! :-)

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  • 嵯峨野竹林 -Kyoto in silence

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    Shot in the early morning. Long exposure (0.5 second), with a tripod.

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  • Dinosaurs and Volcano!!!

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  • POP! POP!

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    How to Fill Full Color in your Lovely Pop9!

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  • Σωζόπολις

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    The Good, Old, Town of Sozopol

  • Too much Glühwein

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    things can become very strange after a few glases of mulled wine

  • Yiyi

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  • First Colour Home Developed

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    My first attempt and I'm pretty happy with the results. I'm even starting to make friends with the Belair after a shaky start.

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  • Yesterdays

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  • Katia IV

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    Erotic photography. Model: @kathiia

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  • なないろジーン - psyche temple

    shared by hodachrome on 2013-11-26

    From ”filmsoup-swap” project with my favorite photographer fotobes. He shot first in UK, and then I shot in Japan (at Kakuouzan Temple, Nagoya). After finishing the roll I ”cooked” the film. I put the dissolved neutral detergent onto all around the film in a darkroom. Then rewind the film and heated the canister in boiled water for 5 minutes. After I dried the film I got it developed. Came out psychedelic image. We don’t discuss what we have each taken photographs of, so the results are always a surprise. More about this technique And check out fotobes’s album from the same project.

  • 時空の相反 when worlds collide

    shared by fotobes on 2013-11-26

    hodachrome and I have recently completed two film soup swaps.. One roll started off in UK, and ended up in Japan and on finishing the roll, Hodaka cooked the film using this recipe here: The other roll started off in Japan and ended up with me in the UK.. On completing the roll, I mixed together some boiled water with silica gel and washing detergent, and left it to cool a little. Then I went into my make-shift darkroom and pulled out the film from the canister. Next I flicked and dabbed the soup onto the exposed film. I waited for a few minutes and then rewound the film into the canister. Afterwards I went to the kitchen and dropped the film into just-boiled water, and after 5 minutes I transferred it into cold water for a minute. Then back in the darkroom I pulled the film out from the canister again and dried it with a hairdryer, and when done I rewound the film. The film was then developed at Asda, and scanned at The Vault in Brighton. We do not discuss what we have each taken photographs of, so the results are always a surprise.. More on hodachromes page here..

  • Processing Color Negative in BW chemicals

    shared by vicuna on 2013-05-09

    I was curious to see what kind of pictures will come out of a color negative processed with BW chemicals. So I took my Belair with Belairgon 114mm lens, shot 2 rolls of Lomo CN 400 and processed them in Kodak D-76 BW developper for 8'30. I couldn't decide if it was better to scan it in color or in BW, so here are the results of both scans

  • polka dots on steph's face

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    multiple exposures:

  • November 6, 2011

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  • Red to burn

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    Taken with a Leonardo 4x5 Pinhole camera fitted with a zone plate lens. Film was Fujichrome T64 Tungsten film that I cross-processed in C-41 chemistry at home.

  • Recipe

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    shot first, boiled in some lemon juice and then into the dishwasher// home developed in Tetenal C-41.

  • Recipe

    shared by maria_vlachou on 2013-07-08

    shot first, boiled in some lemon juice and then into the dishwasher// home developed in Tetenal C-41.

  • #12985800

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    Went with fellow mountaineers on a traverse climb of Mt. Makiling. Used the same roll I previously exposed with images of sketches of New York skyscrapers which I turned into my mixed-media art.

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    If you like my analog fotos, you maybe also like my digitals you can find them here: Just Like it ;-)

  • Indian Summer

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    with Monika

  • My LC-A+ Rebirth!! (3rd Round)

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    Test album after my LC-A+ tuned-up an automatic exposure.

  • Lomography Konstruktor

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  • LomoAmigo:Evon Tan 的海邊之旅

    written by soundfoodaround on 2013-09-13 in #news
    LomoAmigo:Evon Tan 的海邊之旅

    「一隻有文藝氣息的貓咪」這句話用來形容模特兒兼 Lomographer 的 Evon T 是再適合也不過了。Evon 她把藝術的美表現的淋漓盡致,一系列在海邊拍攝 lo-fi 感十足的懷舊黑白照更是令人驚歎不已。