• Double with Fayeusokoi

    shared by jetnz81 on 2012-10-12

    I'm too excited receive Faye invite to doing our 1st time DOUBLE. When she told me her idea with the Underwater & Dance theme, i totally can't imagine how awesome the result will come out ^^ First shot done by me when going to diving at Mabul Island, Semporna & Second shot by Faye at Dance Factory. Now we try discuss Second roll DOUBLE, hope it will bring another awesome album ^^ DOUBLE always fun and thanks Faye for the good shot.

  • Vera and the Underwater Creatures

    shared by anafaro on 2012-10-14

  • Bondi Beach!

    shared by feelux on 2013-06-18

    A quick stop to the Bondi Beach. It was a long bus ride away from the city but it was fun.

  • Beach Time

    shared by ck_berlin on 2012-08-02

    Holiday at the baltic sea in Świnoujście, Poland. | Expired and home developed film

  • beach life

    shared by lomomowlem on 2012-07-26

    It's the ultimate devotion, waiting on a windswept beach with your dog whilst the other half goes out for hours and has a whale of a time. A hardy and special breed more commonly known as kitesurfing/windsurfing widows. We salute you.

  • scotland. black & white.

    shared by kekskonstrukt on 2014-06-24

    loch cluanie

  • shard at both ends

    shared by fotobes on 2014-06-24

    recent adventures around sussex and london, including a visit from lomography hero @gocchin ..

  • my first roll with smena 8m

    shared by atilla_si on 2014-06-24

  • city in the sky

    shared by fotobes on 2014-06-24

    recent adventures around sussex and london, including a visit from lomography hero @gocchin ..

  • *

    shared by pearlgirl77 on 2014-06-13

  • *

    shared by pearlgirl77 on 2014-06-13

  • Beautiful 20 years old film

    shared by vicuna on 2013-03-28

    Another roll with this amazing Agfa RS 100 expired since 1992, given to me by my good friend Stouf... The film was shot at 200 iso and it's very surprising to see how the colors of the film are changing, depending of the light, from brown/red to yellow/orange and even some great blue tones at the end of the roll... Love it!

  • Belairgon Test #2

    shared by fruchtzwerg_hh on 2014-06-24

  • Fix the Sticky-Shutter Problem of the LC-A

    written by tesatscad on 2013-02-21 in #gear #tipster
    Fix the Sticky-Shutter Problem of the LC-A

    Older LC-A cameras have often the problem, that the shutter is not opening anymore. In the tipster I show you how fix the sticky shutter problem.

  • Smartphone Film Scanner - It's the camera that matters

    written by quatchi on 2014-05-24 in #reviews
    Smartphone Film Scanner - It's the camera that matters

    The Smartphone Film Scanner comes in handy for digitalizing negatives. The resulting picture quality, however, is heavily dependent on the camera used. As somehow expected, the photos drastically benefit from using a good digital camera instead of a smartphone's build in one.

  • #19628771

    shared by bomboniera on 2014-05-07

    Actionsampler first roll

  • #19628767

    shared by bomboniera on 2014-05-07

    Actionsampler first roll

  • #19630998

    shared by blueskyandhardrock on 2014-05-08

    I bought my Instant Back a year ago and I've only attached it to my LC-A recently. I wish I had done it sooner cos I'm loving it!

  • The lake "Tjörnin"

    shared by sara81 on 2014-05-08

  • #19571562

    shared by herzkoenigin on 2014-04-18

    I really love the Spring!!!

  • The Happening

    shared by herzkoenigin on 2014-04-20

    I really do not know, what happend to this film... But I like it :-D

  • Springtime

    shared by herzkoenigin on 2014-04-20

    I really love the spring!!!

  • Duesseldorf

    shared by herzkoenigin on 2014-05-07

    Entlang der Gassen, zu den Rheinterrassen. Über die Brücken, bis hin zu der Musik...

  • *

    shared by pearlgirl77 on 2014-05-07

    expired 07/89 and i love it

  • #19628765

    shared by bomboniera on 2014-05-07

    Actionsampler first roll

  • #19627657

    shared by deriz on 2014-05-07

  • Leica M3 camera shoot with Petzval Art lens

    shared by shawnlin on 2014-05-08

    Tipster :

  • Spread Those Legs!

    shared by fivedayforecast on 2011-06-28

    OKAY! So there's a huge long story behind this. This photo is coming up on 2 years old now. During the summer of 2009 there was a LomoMission called "My Dream Job" and I thought it would be really funny to dress one of my friends up as a prostitute... However my mom wasn't so keen on the idea once she heard about it. So I invited some of my lady friends over to bring some supplies and other things. The intention was to have my friend David dress as a hooker, but after getting the fishnets one he didn't feel comfortable. So I decided to do it. So I dressed up as the tranny hooker and made David stand at the other end of the room. Immediately after taking the photo my mother walks into the room to find my friend David with his pants half off, 4 girls she had never met, and me dressed up as a hooker... And she was furious and patrolled my Lomohome to make sure I didn't upload it and enter it.... But I think enough time has past where she wont care. And why do I have such nice lady legs?

  • #16009110

    shared by life_on_mars on 2012-05-08

  • #11174499

    shared by myloveletter on 2010-04-02

  • Lomowalk with artichekt

    shared by moodification on 2012-02-21

    They build a new outdoor sculpture in Duisburg in 2011. This walkable rollercoaster thing is called 'Tiger and Turtle - Magic Mountain'. We went there with our dear friend artichekt on a sunny weekend to take some pictures. Check out his photos too:

  • #19619300

    shared by ciricc on 2014-05-05

  • #17304005

    shared by tall_bastard on 2012-10-26

  • Fake Panda

    shared by hervinsyah on 2014-05-05

    campaigning blablabla so called safe environment (one of the event organizer ask me : "are you from the press?" Then I said "Nope" and then she turn back from me)

  • more spring flowers .. and cake !! :) ..

    shared by kleeblatt on 2014-04-27

  • white sprockets make me happy :)

    shared by kleeblatt on 2014-05-04

    first time I used the Lubitel with 35mm film

  • 引人注意的紀實攝影

    written by denisesanjose on 2013-02-08 in #lifestyle

    教授在教室的黑板上畫了「:(」這個表情符號,「感傷的臉龐,就是你要尋覓的新聞故事。」 - 這是我對新聞採訪課時聽過最深刻的話。窺探二十世紀中的攝影代表作,紀實攝影所追求的是利用有效率的瞬間快門,捕捉最具張力的情緒。

  • High/Low-way

    shared by hodachrome on 2014-03-18

    From EBS (exposing both sides of the film). Shot on negative side first (lower half) on a fine day. After finished a roll I reversed the film and set it the camera again. Then went to the same place and stood at exactly the same point as 1st shot, and shot upper half just as the same way as 1st, on a overcast day. ISO200 for negative, 100 for redscale. With using the splitzer. Have a look at my article about this technique:

  • doubles with Gladys

    shared by ccwu on 2012-05-05

  • #18793416

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  • #18959349

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  • #18793414

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  • beachdays

    shared by -nico- on 2014-04-30


  • Kodak EIR

    shared by frauspatzi on 2014-04-13

    i used different filters, orange, red, yellow ;-)

  • When I Fall in Love Purple

    shared by opon21 on 2014-05-02

    Green wave bangkok bike lanes

  • 幻想の園 -spring illusion

    shared by hodachrome on 2014-04-29

    double exposure, with a selfmade splitzer for holga

  • Old times at the beach

    shared by tyler_durden on 2011-09-26

    old roll at the beach

  • coloured beach

    shared by nudels on 2014-04-18

  • #19618026

    shared by vici on 2014-05-04

  • mushrooms lomowalk with friends

    shared by kostas on 2014-05-05