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Cherry Sunsets & Vanilla Skies by Eric Cahan

These may seem like computer-generated color gradients but, if you look closer, you'll see that they are actually stunning portraits of sunrises and sunsets, photographed by Eric Cahan using colored resin filters. See more windows of warmth, like the Fisheye One Cherry & Vanilla, below!

Vintage Ice Cream Advertisements

Ice cream is definitely among the most mouth-watering gustatory treats ever made. Who hasn't stared and drooled over a mere photograph of scoops of delectable ice cream? With this in mind, Lomography has found inspiration in this sweet treat for another set of analogue goodies. Let us welcome these newest additions to the Fisheye family and take a look at some of the yummiest ice cream ads in flavorful vintage!

Strange/Beautiful: Black and White Pictures of Mexican Lucha Libre

Mexican Lucha Libre can definitely be defined as bizarre, but if we take a look at the photos taken by Lourdes Grobet there’s an influence of the Diane Arbus signature and style. Read more after the jump.

Adam Yauch aka MCA Climbing a Cinema Marquee With the Help of the Other Beastie Boys

"I shouldn't have logged on to the internet today…" that was my initial response when reading the news about Adam Yauch last Friday. The Beastie Boys have been around for as long as I can remember and even though they've matured over the years, they always remained young in my eyes. These are the reasons why MCA's death came as such a shock to me.

Lomography Philippines' Most Popular Photos of April 2012

April was, indeed, a super scorching month for the Philippine islands. And you know very well how Lomographers love the scorching sun! Here are the vivid, visual proofs from the Philippine community for last month!

Hank Wilson's Back!

Today in History: Jack Nicholson is Born (1937)

On this day, 75 years ago, celebrated American actor, director, producer, and writer Jack Nicholson was born in New York City. Let us take a look back at the life and work of the renowned Hollywood star in this installment of Today in History.

Masterful Mustache Rumble

For our weekly tribute, we turn the spotlight back on the great comic actor, Charlie Chaplin. And the inspiration for this rumble is one of his iconic trademarks: His masterful mustache! So read on for more information on this rumble.

Today in History: Kurt Cobain's 18th Death Anniversary

On this day, 18 years ago, Kurt Cobain, the lead singer of American grunge band Nirvana, was reported to have committed suicide and was found in his Lake Washington home three days later. Let us briefly look back at the events surrounding the iconic musician's final moments, which remain to be subjects of debate and speculation to this day.

Beelitz-Heilstätten Part III !!!!
Lomowalk to the cattlefarm
Do androids dream of InfraRed sheep?
Beelitz-Heilstätten Part III !!!!

Light Painting: Wheel in the Sky

The wheel in the sky keeps on turning, but with these simple tips you can keep on rolling to light painting heaven.

Classic Albums in Lomographs 1: Pearl Jam's Ten

Ten was released August 27, 1991. Initially slow to sell, by the latter half of 1992 the album went gold and eventually surpassed sales of Nirvana's 'Nevermind'. Here, the often dark themes of the songs are interpreted through lomographs.

The Analogue Reader: Cassette from My Ex

Everyone has a story or a song to relate to. In this installment of The Analogue Reader series, we delve into our inner DJs and nostalgic selves. Let us rewind the stories of our past and play the music of our lost youth...

The First LomoKino Music Video Ever! 'Water' by Beach Party

Ladies and gentlemen, we present to you the first music video shot completely on a LomoKino using various Lomography films: 'Water' by South African band, Beach Party! Directed, shot and edited by Dylan Culhane, we've got a first look at the entirely analogue LomoKino video. Definitely makes us want to frolic in the sea!

An Introduction: Adam's Classic Albums in Lomographs Series

Adam Griffiths, aka adam_g2000, hails from Auckland, New Zealand and is one of Lomography Magazine's new regular writers. Know more about his upcoming series, featuring classic albums in film pictures, after the break.

The Analogue Reader: Hold Me Closer, Tony Danza

If this book's title is vaguely familiar to you, chances are you're going to pick it and leaf through it to find out why. Once you do, you're definitely in for a laugh!

LomoAmigo Adam Goldberg and the LomoKino

We might have always thought that the LomoKino is a continuing path for our analogue lovin'... But then, upon seeing the LomoKino, Adam Goldberg or adamgoldberg just couldn't pass the lovely analogue movie maker. Read on our interview with him and know more about the LomoKino as it invites more analogue lovers through out the world!

Domokun + Lomography = Domography?
Tungsten Tales.

Kodak Will Keep Film Alive

Nearly a month after Kodak announced its move to file for bankruptcy protection, the iconic company finally has a good news for film photographers: it will cease the production of digital equipment but will carry on with its film division. Read more about it after the jump!


Today in History: James Dean Is Born (1931)

Eight decades and one year ago, a star in the name of James Dean was born. Here's a tribute to the man whose life mantra was "Dream as if you'll live forever; Live as if you'll die today."

A Different Visualization of One's Likes in the LomoHomes

In 2011 exactly 9,184,059 different items were liked on Lomography, a majority of those being photos and articles. Right now, you can see a person's photo likes in their LomoHomes, but what if you wanted to see which articles you have liked? Or someone else's? So, we thought about a different visualization of one's likes.