the first blog


so yey i finally used this feature..

first off, let me greet every single one of you mofos a happy happy new year!

got an early flight tomorrow.. i’m wasting time so i can sleep all throughout the duration of the flight.

glad to be returning back to manila after my very much deserved vacation leave, i’m pretty sure there’s a huge pile of tasks waiting for me at my desk this very moment.

2010 was all about work work work. i barely had time to pursue some personal projects and shoot anything just for kicks. but it had to be done.. all the overtime and sleep deprivation that i had put myself into. but i’m still really thankful for everyone who gave me a reason and an opportunity to shoot last year.

i just remembered i bought a sweet ass canon ae-1 a day before i left last month, so i barely tinkered with the camera because of the xmas shopping done and last minute workload at the office. hopefully i’ll give it a test spin when i get back.. kind of thinking it would be my main camera than the lc-a+ now. i had fun with the lc-a+ but i’m thinking of shooting more bw films now, since the fresh rolls are hella cheaper and the film lab happens to be on my way to work.

not entirely ditching the lc-a+ but i’m thinking of going back to where i started, shooting random shit. buildings. people. "cliche lomography shots. so who knows what this year might bring..

not really a resolution but i’m hoping for these:

1. more time to shoot.
2. more films to waste (oh paycheck and film suppliers, where art thou?)
3. more “photo mojo”

and finally to end this blog i just want to say thanks for everyone who are kind enough to like my photos and added me to their watch list. whether the reason might be you like my style of photography or you just want to see them photos of hot girls or whatever..

and if you don’t like my works, well.. what can i say? haters gonna hate.

i’m out bitchezz… peace out!

written by jcgepte on 2011-01-01


  1. icuresick
    icuresick ·

    Shoot more gurls, JC!

  2. jcgepte
    jcgepte ·

    if my "back to basics" experiment will be unsuccessful then shooting more portraits it is.. haha.