My Dad's camera collection.


Here are some of the most bright pieces of the collection:


One of recent perchase, my dad bought it a couple of months ago. The camera is around 80 years old, it was produced in the beginning of 1930s. It is small (10×7×3 cm) and really cute! We haven’t had a chance to test it yet, as it is made for 127 film which is not being produced any more and it is hard to find this type of film even in Moscow. The lens is 50mm, max aperture 4,5. The size of the frame – 3×4cm.


This is a 6×9 folding medium format camera built by the Zeiss Ikon camera factory in Dresden, East Germany, sometime in the middle of 1950s. This was one of the first and most expensive purchase (around 80$).


Another medium format camera, It has a range finder with a pop up viewfinder on the shutter.
The size of the frame is 6×9 cm. The camera was created on the basis of Zeiss Ikonta and was produced starting from 1947 and till 1956. The dad’s one was produced around 1952/53.


This is the very first edition of Lubitel (around 1950). Well, we all know this camera very well: focusing range 1,3 meters to infinite, 120mm film…
This is one of my favorite cameras. Each time I come to Sevastopol I shoot a lot using this Lubitel.


This tiny camera produced in the end of 1930s is just a bit larger, than a box of matches and it shoots 35mm film! The size of the shot is 24×24 mm, focusing range from 2 meters. This camera is very rare. When my dad found it on the flea market, the seller wanted a huge amount of money for it. But my father is very patient and a few weeks later he bought it together with 2 other cameras for 50$ total. Unfortunately this camera needs serious repair, as a small piece of the body is missing, but I’m sure my dad will fix it soon and we’ll test it!


This is a very rare camera and it is an exact copy of Leica II. The camera was manufactured starting from 1934 and till the middle of 1950s. This particular camera was made in the end of 1940s and has a very nice lens on it – JUPITER 12 (of course lens is not that old)).


And one more rangefinder camera)) 1957/58 year of manufacture. This was a very popular camera it was produced till the 1970th and the total quantity of copies made is 1.632.600!!
As Fed-2 was produced fairly long time, it offered many types and several different features, like the engravings, lenses, shutter speeds, self-timer etc. There are 12 types and 17 sub-types of the camera.


Pretty rare camera, as only 6 868 copies were manufactured (the years of manufacture 1985-1986). This is a modernized version of the FED Mikron-2 with only cosmetic changes. There has been one feature added there is a button for on the back top of the camera. It has a soft black vinyl zippered case.


The camera is an exact copy of the base model of FED (edition of the 1930s) and has a Industar-22 lens. The camera is very compact: 135×70×50mm. My dad found this camera in my god-mother’s garage, it belonged to her father, who bought it around 1952 and used it during military service. This camera has a very special coating: the body of the camera is manufactured by injection molding.


Another finding from a flea market. The guy who was selling it had a lot of cameras (15$ each) and all of them had special notes, telling about their defects. Looks like these were once (long ago) the orders from a photo-repair shop.


Another rangefinder camera, it was manufactured during 3 years only (1959-1961). This camera is constructed on the basis of Zorki-4, the only difference is that it doesn’t have long exposures.


First after-war edition of Smena (it was produced in the end of 1940s). I really like the design of this model it look much more elegant, than its famous descendant Smena 8m.


Another Smena, compact and usefull. This is exactly the same model as my dad’s first camera. This model was produced starting from 1953 and till 1962, the total number of cameras manufactured – 1 992 546 copies!


The Kiev rangefinder cameras were developed after WW II in the Arsenal factory in Kiev (Ukraine). Soviet forces had “relocated” equipment and personnel from the Zeiss Ikon factories in Germany. In Kiev Zeiss Ikon’s Contax production line was set up again and quickly started production under the Kiev brand name.


This beautiful camera once belonged to my grandfather, he bought it in 1957. My mom’s childhood photos are taken with this camera. It was designed base on Zorki, but had a synchronizer and a number of new exposures. The lens on it is JUPITER 9 (85mm) made in 1970.


Zenit 3M is a 35mm film camera produced between 1962-70. Zenit means Zenith, a point in the sky that appears directly above the observer. This camera was presented to my father by his co-worker. The lens on it is JUPITER 11 (earlier it belonged to my dad’s uncle). This long-focal-length lens (133mm) was designed in the end of 1940s. But this particular one was made in 1969.


This is one of the “pearls” of my father’s collection! I simply LOVE shooting with this camera. It is so elegant and easy to use. It is 40 years old already, but still works perfectly well!


My dad bought this camera on a flea market from an old man from Inkerman. When he was young he worked as a photographer and used this Pentax pretty often. Right now it needs to be fixed, the shutter doesn’t work right.


This lens was manufactures by the Arsenal factory in Kiev (Ukraine) starting from 1970s. It is a wide lens – focal length 20mm.


This one has a bayonet for Kiev, but my dad has also another one made for FED and ZORKI. A wide-lens – 35mm.

LENINGRAD-2 exposure-meter

I simply LOVE this exposure-meter! It is so chic and elegant! My dad bought it on the flea market for just 1,5$!! And it has its customized box and specification, all well-preserved.

written by japsix on 2013-07-10


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