I am a lomography fan for quite some time. And not only i enjoy taking crazy pictures with Diana F+, i also stared to be interested in all the analogue cameras. Old, almost historical cameras. After discovering the whole world of old analogue cameras…my sweet friends surprised me with a really cool twinlens camera. I checked all the photography books about it and immidiately put a first 120 roll in it.

The very first photo is this one:

Credits: janagitana

This retro boxy cameras have two lenses of the same focal length. The upper lens brings the image in the viewfinder, and the lower to the film.
Eventhough people were: “whaa? that’s no camera!?!?!”…this is what the first roll was all about:

i am more then surprised of the depth of field! Yiiihaaa. The next 120 roll is already in the camera!


written by janagitana on 2010-11-04

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  1. janagitana
    janagitana ·

    hopefully my next camera is Sprocket Rocket!