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Ponce De Leon Springs

This beautiful spring is named for Juan Ponce de León, who led the first Spanish expedition to Florida in 1513-as legend has it-in search of the "fountain of youth."

Miyajima: The Holy Island

Have you been to a place where you can FEEL the history? Have you been to a place where you can FEEL the existence of the God? If you haven't, this is the place.

Northern Palawan

The Calamian group of islands in Palawan intrigued me for so long. Busuanga Island, being the biggest and most populated, is the jump-off point. You can get to Busuanga in about an hour by plane or 14 hours by sea travel. I fell in love with this place in 2007 on a spontaneous weekend getaway. I was raving so much that I made a second trip, and this time, I made reservations and a list of places to see.

Grand Canyon National Park (Grand Canyon, Arizona)

One of the 7 natural wonders of the world, the Grand Canyon is a location that you must visit. As part of our roadtrip through Southern California, Nevada, and Arizona, one of our major stops was the Grand Canyon. This was my second trip to the great landmark (my first was as a kid). The first time I visited as a child I did not appreciate what I was seeing.

Diana F+: Goddess of the Hunt

The first time I ever saw a Diana camera, I smirked. _This wasn't a camera,_ I thought to myself, _this was a toy_. Now I'm infinitely happy to say that I was *wrong*: pretty soon you'll find out you'll have fallen in love, and in too deep, with this beautiful camera.

Holga CFN - The World Famous Medium Format Wonder

The world famous Medium-format wonder.the Holga produces extraordinary low-tech works of art with the bare minimum of mechanical function. Soft focusing, full double-exposure capability, intense vignetting, and unpredictable light leaks all contribute to the Holga's incredible photo effects

Mamiya C220: An Analogue Giant

If my house was on fire and I had to save one thing (other than my wife and child, as they do slightly trump everything) then I am about 99% sure it would be my Millennium Falcon from when I was a kid. If I could save two things then the second would be my Mamiya C220.

Polaroid M80

The Polaroid is a 1970s Automatic Land Camera that will blow your socks off!

A Solution when Travelling with 5 Cameras!

I have to admit that when travelling I take usually 4 or 5 cameras. I choose them depending what I want to photograph. At first, I used to put them on my shoulder bag, but the main problem is that they can be damaged, or is quite difficult to take the camera you are looking for. On the other side, the classic Lomo bag allows you only two small cameras...

Tipster of the Day: Super Elastic Shooter

Isn't it such a perfect day for bungee jumping? how about a rodeo ride? hopping on a trampoline maybe? perhaps a plunge on the "Fujiyama": And would it be so nice to "shoot-from-the hip" while doing all of these? here's how:

Tipster Of The Week: Double Fun!

With everything else new at this time of the year, the "tipster": never fails to have its own renewal (but of course!) and makes everything more faster, feels stronger and looks better than ever before!

Scan Your Photos With a Digital Camera

Scanning 120 can get extremely expensive when you have it done at your lab, but there's always an alternative for it. Let me show you what I did!

Understanding Leaks, Streaks and Bent Images

Lecture for newbies: How to embrace light leaks and unpredictable effects from your Holga.

Shoot like a Metro-Savvy Gnome with the Fisheye

It is expected for someone like a globetrotting gnome to have a knack for anything analogue and if you're envious of how these cosmopolitan creatures snap their surroundings, here's how to do it!

Pale Propositions

We all love saturated colours and high contrast, but what about the other end of the spectrum?

Tipster of the Week: The Future of 220 Film

The digital image processing is omnipresent these days, and more often than not we are always confronted of the film's possible extinction in the future. But we're Lomographers, right? And we don't believe in such cynical pronouncement. Just like our tipster here who just can't get enough of using medium format film!

Tipster of the Week: Five Rolls of Surprises

Just as everyone is having a break from the Lomo LC-A Race, our two participants from the North American team chose to do something very exciting than to take a break in the pit stop and they're here this week to tell us more about it!

Lovely Holga

This is how to modify the aperture of your Holga and pimp it with a nice and flirty new coating in one session!

One Third the Frame - Three Times the Fun

This mod will transform your Pop 9 into a "one third frame" trippy triptych machine! You can use it to fit three times as many pictures on a regular roll of film.

Roast Your Film

A tip on how to accelerate film expiration (because you love expired film but just couldn't wait)!

Panoramic Holga

How wide can you go with your Holga? It's much more than what you think!

Quickie Tipster: Flip It. Flip It Good!

When boredom comes along, you must Flip It. Your camera, I mean! The results: lovely reflection-like images that look like a parallel universe.

Exhibit Your World with Fotoclips!

Do you scan your negatives and keep it in your hard drives? Do you show your photos to your friends via your iPhones or Blackberries and even at your Facebook pages too, ya? Well, its time to come out and SHOW your photos (literally!).

Six Month Long Pinhole Exposures

You read the interview now learn how to do it! Pinhole expert Justin Quinnell showes us how to be creative with the use of time and with the light from the sun to make a six month long pinhole exposure. Try the experiment and let us know how it goes!

Sprocket Rocket - Double Panorama

Sprocket Rocket shoots “extra-wide angle” panorama with the width of two 3:2 photos, which is really wide indeed. Yet you must encounter some occasions one day that even this amazing rocket is not enough, then you need to “double” the panorama!

Tape? What tape?

Don't try taping your whole camera. It's not meant to be that way!

Film Canister Christmas Lights

Have you ever had a roll of 35mm film that did not turn out well? Now is your chance to use it! (Or take some shots of different textures.) These are great for your Christmas tree or to put anywhere as decoration.

The Night Time Is The Right Time To Be With Your Holga 120N!

Taking timed exposures with the bulb feature at night with the Holga 120N can be lots of fun!

A Different Type of Nightshots

This tipster is about a technique which I call "High Quantity Multi Exposure" or short HQME. I assume that people have already done something like that before me but I couldn't find any information about it.