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Hawai'i Nei

Think you've seen all that nature has to offer? Only if you've climbed the green peaks and swam in the clear aequorial waters of Hawaii have you experienced Mother Nature's most precious gifts.

A Beginner's Guide to Tilt Shift Photography Part 1

If you've ever wanted to tilt or shift, if you've ever wondered what the hell it was and what would happen if you did it...now's your chance. In Part 1, what is it, what does it do and how. Coming up in Part 2, how to make your own tilt shift lens and what to do with it!

20 Analogue Acts of Kindness

Simple acts of kindness sometimes get forgotten amongst the business and busy-ness of everyday life. We’re often too occupied sending that email, editing that playlist or updating our status to pay attention to what’s happening in the real world. Let’s change that! Leave that digital grind behind for a moment and try out some of our analogue acts of kindness – Simple photographic ideas for making a positive impact on the people around you!

A Jewel of a Coastline

The Sapphire Coast is named so because of the beautiful colour of the water in the sea lapping against the south-east coastline of Australia. Renowned as a great fishing and boating destination it is also a beautiful spot to just relax and listen to the sound of the waves coming in on the shore.

Feeding the beast with Lomography X-Pro Chrome (35mm, 100 ISO)

Fine grain and blue tones after cross processing? Is it possible? It seems so...

Holiday Trip to Kuala Lumpur
Holiday Trip to Kuala Lumpur
Endless magic with analogue

Seven Acre Rock - After the Bushfires

There on a rise, are blackened, charred tree trunks standing amongst stark white granite boulders which greeted our eyes when we decided to take a walk along a bush track one day to find something interesting to photograph in the Yarra Ranges National Park east of Melbourne. We just found Seven Acre Rock, after the bush fires.


My Favourite Place in Barcelona

Tibidabo is Barcelona's theme park, which is an old and magical place that is ideal for getting lost in. Of course, it's also an ideal location to take beautiful photographs of especially on clear and sunny days.

Malaysia Poco Homemade - Lomography and Coffee

My friends always ask me: Heard that you are into photography, are there so many things to shoot? I can only say: Dear friend, the world is a larger place than you can imagine!

Lomography B&W 100iso 120

After years at art school using Ilford films and processing myself in the darkroom it was to my elation that I could finally try a different kind of black and white film when I found a local lab that would develop it for me. I was even happier with the results

Time to Craft - Bring Your Lomo Wall Every Day!

Being a Lomographer, you may always have a camera with you, maybe a notebook as well. A tiny notebook can record your sudden fantastic idea, jot down the contact of new friends, and hold the instant photos you just shot! If you’d like to buy one, how about make one by yourself? Let’s make a unique “Lomo Wall Notebook”!

Horizon on the Ground+

Actually, this isn't a very special Tipster, I am just building on gmy's "LC-A on the Ground", add in some of my ideas and share it here.

Fuji Sensia (35mm, 100 iso) staff-review

This smooth brother is lovely when straight processed and wild when crossed. Cross processed Fuji shots have huge contrast and a total color shift towards green & cream, blue, or even pink - depending on your developer.

Fuji Velvia (35mm, 100 iso) review

Fujifilm Fujichrome Velvia 100 ISO is 35mm slide film (E-6 process) it is a "bright-sun" film but it also provides great results when combined with a flash. The best things in this film is its color, saturation and contrast wich make it my every day film.

Fuji Acros (35mm, 100 iso)

This monochrome champ gives awesome grey tones and razor-sharp results and is extremely fine grain. Wonderful for when you want to slow things down a bit. You can shoot with a full sun or with a long-exposure (or a flash!)

Analog Interventions

Inspired by susielomovitz interventions, a new concept of photo album has been borned. Original, cute and also a perfect gift.

Multiple Exposures for Beginners

New to Lomography? Have you been wondering how other people have been able to blend pictures together? You have come to the right place. With the technique of multiple exposure, you will find yourself achieving works of art that digital photography cannot compete with!

Polaroid TZ Artistic (Instant, 100 iso) User-Review

Made from expired materials but giving stunning colors and feeling. This 125 ISO wonder is quite possibly the most Lomographic of all instant films.

The city of Albenga, on the Ligurian coast – Italy -

Albenga is a city situated on the Gulf of Genoa on the Italian Riviera, in the Province of Savona in Liguria, northern Italy.

Polaroid SLR 680

Meet the evil twin of the Polaroid SX-70: the Polaroid SLR 680, a legend among the legends!

Take the Scenic Route in Hilo, Hawaii

If you find yourself in Hilo on Hawaii's Big Island, chances are that someone will suggest you visit the Hawaii Tropical Botanical Garden. Located about 8 miles north of the city, you'll see a small sign giving you the option to take the "Scenic Route." TAKE IT! You won't regret it!

Broken Bokeh

Remember the final golden rule? Don't worry about breaking the bokeh rules.

Making Full Use of Your Negatives!

No idea what to do with all the negative films accumulating in your room? Here are some simple steps to turn them into artworks!