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Unleash the Lomographer within with the Sprocket Rocket

This month I celebrate one year in the community and one year since I bought my first analogue camera in the 21st century, but until recently my approach to lomography was quite conservative and I wouldn´t consider myself a "lomographer". But all that has changed in the last couple of months, all thanks to the Lomography Sprocket Rocket.

Snorkel Optional: The Fisheye One Hello Kitty Edition

You too can now be one cool cat. The cutest darn camera ever made, just got cuter. The Lomography Fisheye One Hello Kitty Edition takes photography to a whole new level: the level of the fashionably purr-fect!

Down The Crater
Here & There

Share and Share Alike for a Chance to Win Big!

Want to win more than 500 Euro worth of Lomography products? Share this competition and you might just be the lucky one! So here's the deal, we want to make a competition, but we want at least 3000 people to know about it. Come on, Lomography has 441,278 likes and 33,427 are talking about us on Facebook. We can reach 3000 shares in no time!

US CItySlicker Nicolas: Days of Being Wild (or My Endless, Analogue Summer)

It all started with an idea; that this summer, my friends and I would take a road trip from San Francisco to Los Angeles. What was at first just a plan, quickly turned into a real adventure. This is the story of my endless, analogue summer with my two film-loving best friends.


The Victims at the Thieves Market

I always thought Singapore had no exciting, worth-visiting flea markets to offer, until the day I visited this place. Forget about the beautiful, colorful shopping buildings in Orchard Road or the largest indoor shopping center, Vivo City, because a trip to the Thieves Market in Singapore is worth so much more of your time.

Journey to the Edge of the World: Cape Wrath, Scotland

The northwest corner of Europe, Cape Wrath in Scotland. In medieval times, this was the untamed and inhospitable boundary of man's knowledge of Earth. The Edge of The World. Today, it is one of the most beautiful places on the planet...on a good day.

Fisherman's Cove: A Centuries Old Fishing Village Frozen in Time

Fisherman's Cove is a Lomographer's paradise, and it amazes me how much you can escape from the city with only a 25-minute drive from the city of Halifax in the Canadian province of Nova Scotia. I've eaten some of the best fish and chips of my life here, and you will be able to turn and shoot in any direction!

The Dingle Turns 100

The Dingle Memorial Tower is a large, four-sided, slightly-tapered structure situated in a prominent location on a knoll, overlooking the shores of the North West Arm of Halifax in the Canadian province of Nova Scotia. On Natal Day this year, we went and explored the Tower and its beautiful surroundings to celebrate its 100th birthday.

Howick Historical Village: A Heritage Experience

An architectural museum/village that offers a historical representation of Howick in the mid-1800s. With beautifully-restored buildings, tranquil pond, and live days every month, the Howick Historical Village is an excellent place to take the family and explore as well as learn! Keep reading for more details!

Unpublished 9/11 Film Photographs by James Nachtwey

Remembering the Septermber 11 terrorist attacks, photographer James Nachtwey revisits his rolls of film and shares unpublished photographs he snapped during that fateful day.

Diptych #06: riding in the subway

A New Form Of Fireworks

During a fireworks display, we can hear people acclaiming and see the sky being light up. David Johnson, like other photographers, wants to capture such precious moments with their cameras. But what he did is slightly different to the others. We'll let you in to the show-stopping surprise after the jump!

Stephen Dowling and the Lomo LC-Wide

Read about Stephen Dowling's first impression on his first ever Lomo LC-Wide. Join Stephen as he takes his Lomo LC-Wide out on a rare sunny summer's day in London!

Last day of the season with Tarumba circus artists
Mixed shots
Great day!
Great day!
Last day of the season with Tarumba circus artists

Triple City Film Doubles’ Adventure with Feelux

A doubles’ experiment adventure for Feelux and I, using the Fisheye 2 and La Sardina in the middle of the city or while walking around in the park, in a nearby city in the South.

Exploring Tungsten film for the first time

Be Lomo Chajka II Half-Frame camera

This is a half-frame camera, 28mm (f2.8-16.0) focusing lens. Close focusing to 3 feet. PC contact, cable release connection and tripod socket. Exposure is strictly manual with no built-in meter or exposure guide. The shutter release button is on the front of the camera. It had a nice little film speed reminder on the bottom of the camera, but some people are confused by this and think that the camera has some sort of built-in meter! Despite its proto-typical flaws, it is a well-made camera.

Analogue & Lomo Cameras Spotted in DW-TV

A Berlin photo gallery sent 18 young photographers to the Berlin Film Festival, in cooperation with the film festival organizers. Let’s see how these very young minds capture pictures with a completely unusual point of view, which includes the use of analogue and Lomo cameras.

California Mid State Fair