Frustrating - Has my new LC A+ RL a faulty lens or lens mount?


I got me a Lomo LC-A+ RL for Christmas. I was really happy with the camera, until I got back my first pictures. Some looked partly blurred, though the scene is flat and I stood at right angle to the scene.

check on the left bottom corner – to me, it seems blurred there – is that normal? did I do something wrong?

To check this, I took my older LC-A along to take pictures ot the same scene and compare them to each other.

As I carried them in my bag, the hotshoe of the LC-A scrached the front cover of my new LC-A+. I hate when things like that happen, because I love to keep my stuff in good condition….

Credits: inrod

Has anybody advice, on how to rerstore the painting on the front cover?

written by inrod on 2014-03-03


  1. alexkon
    alexkon ·

    Do I understand correctly, you are a little updated an old camera?

  2. alexkon
    alexkon ·

    In your Lomo LC-A + lens is not better than my Premier M-911D. He also smears the lower left corner is more than the other three. It's not right...

  3. inrod
    inrod ·

    @alexkon, well I'm talking about my brand new Lomo LC-A+ RL from 2013, not my old LC-A from 2003.
    I brought the film, shot with the LC-A+ with my test pictures, to the lab today. The film with the comparison pictures is still in the LC-A. As soon as I get back both films, I'll see if the lens has a problem or not.

    Thanks for your empathy.