My 1st Best Picture


Sounds like the Oscar, hehe.

Best picture, how to judge, really?

The most popular picture in my profile so far, incidentally, is the first lomo picture I’ve ever taken. My friend Nyla had a match against a college team down the road, so I went along with my “Fish Ball”, a Copper version Fish Eye 2, which came through the mail just one day before.

I was volunteering that day, had to rush between my charity go-go duty and the rugby field. It must’ve been quite a sight. First off, I don’t think they’ve ever seen an Asian there on that tiny midwestern Catholic college campus. Well, I’m sure I was the first guy ever walked that field with heavy face paint/ makeup and not got beaten up.

Most of those pictures turned out well, with the horizon curves around the lens, whilst the fisheye distortion made the chunky players even more cuddly.

Credits: ihave2pillows

This is Brad, the captain and founder of our gay rugby team, Kansas City Carnivore. Their motto is “EAT MEAT”.

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The first lomo picture that truly touched my heart was, however, from my 6th roll.

I love horses. They represent freedom, and it’s such a thrill whenever I get on the saddle. Browsing through all the gallery photos on, I noticed the magic of multiple exposures of various landscapes, especially the ones where you rotate your camera.

So it was only a small leap of imagination, when I saw the J. C. Nichols fountain at the Country Club Plaza area and decided to do a multiple exposure of the KC landmark. On each of the four statues, you’d find equestrian figures battling different wild beasts. I just love how the pearly white sky wipes away all the gory details, leaving just a ball of hooves and horse heads.

Credits: ihave2pillows

Sorry for entering two pictures and confusing the heck out of you. It’s not as if I’m gonna win anyway. Just wanna share my experience :)

written by ihave2pillows on 2011-03-28

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    The second one is amazing!