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Revenge of the Nerds Rumble

Back then it was almost taboo to be friends with a nerd or a geek, or to be one. But lately, more and more people are trying to adopt their look, making it popular and "fashionable" ... guess the tables have turned, eh?

Stay Tuned, Something Amazingly Analogue is Coming Your Way!

Next week is going to be a big one in the analogue world. We won't give you the whole game, but here's a simple clue to keep you twiddling your thumbs!

‡Ò∂¬µß~∞† !!
LC-A Love

Redscale casero

Cómo hacer de tu negativo favorito un rollo redscale

'The Future is Analogue' Rumble Series Update

Why are you still sitting on your couch? You should be out shooting as a big bunch of Piggies are waiting for you!

Enséñanos tu casa en Lomography - Llega el TOP 10 LomoHomes

Un concurso muy especial. Queremos visitar tu LomoHome. ¡Invítanos! Las Top Diez LomoHomes

Dándole una nueva vida a un adorno: mi Polaroid SX-70

Corría el año 1979 cuando mi padre obtuvo una cámara Polaroid SX-70. La utilizó sobretodo para documentar incidencias en su trabajo, como desperfectos en mercancías. El es muy practico en todo y en tiempos donde no existían las cámaras digitales una polaroid le daba una imagen al instante…

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

Jorge Drexler y Su Diana

Jorge Drexler presenta su último disco "Amar la Trama" junto a su inseparable Diana

Shoot Your Muse Rumble!

Who inspires you? Who gives you the little spurts of inspiration that makes you paint masterpieces with your camera? We want to see your muse!

Mi verdadero hijo, mi Polga/Holgaroid

Entre review y truco.....La inquietud de transformar la bella Holga en Polga!

tough day

LomoMission 64: Moving Movie Doubles

Bring out the auteur in you and live out your favorite movie scenes in this month's LomoMission! 150 Piggies at stake!

Dobles Exposiciones con Colorsplash

Cómo hacer de tu Colorsplash una cámara con multiexposición

30% Off All Film - One Week Only!

Quick! For one week only, we are offering 30% off ALL our available film variants at the Online Store! Time to stock up on those rolls! Offer ends 12th May 2010

Lomomission 63: Where is Happiness? Winner Announcement

You'll surely clap your hands if you know you're happy, yes? And you'll certainly clap even more loudly if you see yourself listed as one of the winners!

Doubles with You: Cheriesu and Iaki

From Taiwan and Chile, with love!

Labor Day Rumble

We take our hats off to all of you hardworking folks in the community! Here's a special tribute in honour of the hardworking people on Labor Day. Pictures of you, a colleague or a friend hard at work could win Piggies!

交換重曝 - Cheriesu x one-creature。

因為 lomography ,我認識了遠在智利的 Jacquie Fonseca ,交換重曝是我們的友誼的開始。