shit shit shit shit shit


Haaaaaa —’ fuck you 30 year old camera xD
3 days I’ve got it in my hands, 1 film exposed (I’m sure I did big mistakes on the aperture.. anyway), and she already wants to kill herself. As I said in the last post, my dad gave me a Fujica STX-1 SLR camera, 50mm normal lens and tele converter 2x included. Now, the mirror’s stuck on the upside, cool to take pictures in B, but for whatever else….. I’m not in my father’s house for the weekend, I’m gonna ask for his help as soon as I’ll be back (omg.. terminator.. xD)
also the chrono thing that gives you the opportunity to get inside the frame is stuck half his way……
Everything’s mechanic on this thing… and it couldn’t be repaired… too old…
hope it’ll go into an happy ending…

written by holydarkyfied on 2010-11-13


  1. holydarkyfied
    holydarkyfied ·

    I feel bad haha.. anyway, tonight I'm back at my father's house, hope it'll be okay..

  2. shoujoai
    shoujoai ·

    Everything is mechanic normally means everything CAN be repaired ;) but maybe you get yourself another old camera from the next flea market? There are so many cameras outside, just go and get them :D

  3. holydarkyfied
    holydarkyfied ·

    the camera's dead... costs 100$ and more to get a 30 year old camera back to life in Quebec... I'll try to find a new one