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競演 -history, elegance and dynamic 競演 -history, elegance and dynamic cinematic cinematic Heaven's Wheels Heaven's Wheels 秋に駆ける -Autumn Drive 秋に駆ける -Autumn Drive 虹のパッセージ -rainbow walk 虹のパッセージ -rainbow walk 秋のパッセージ -tint of autumn 秋のパッセージ -tint of autumn 影絵 -a shadowgraph 影絵 -a shadowgraph 富士重奏 -Double Fuji 富士重奏 -Double Fuji presence/absence of mind presence/absence of mind The other side of Yokohama The other side of Yokohama Colors of Summer Colors of Summer A park in the sky A park in the sky 三者三様 -each way, each story 三者三様 -each way, each story 夏模様 -summer ensemble 夏模様 -summer ensemble Yokohama rosy town Yokohama rosy town isolation in the purple isolation in the purple 追想 -nostalgia 追想 -nostalgia A ghost on the bridge A ghost on the bridge 山里の春 -a spring scene 山里の春 -a spring scene 紫日夢 -summer daydream 紫日夢 -summer daydream 夏を駆ける -summer highway 夏を駆ける -summer highway 紫夏遊園 -a summer park in purple 紫夏遊園 -a summer park in purple 歩み -steps 歩み -steps 春に泳ぐ -bloom in ocean depth 春に泳ぐ -bloom in ocean depth Yokohama Rose Town Yokohama Rose Town 薔薇の風に乗って -standing on the rosy sky 薔薇の風に乗って -standing on the rosy sky walks at a museum walks at a museum Fanatic Four Fanatic Four 失われた情景 -wander in a dream 失われた情景 -wander in a dream 光射す -a tunnelvision 光射す -a tunnelvision 湖畔の幻 -ghost at the lakeside 湖畔の幻 -ghost at the lakeside spring colors 2014 spring colors 2014 湖畔の森 -dual nature 湖畔の森 -dual nature 存在 -in existence 存在 -in existence xpring 2014 xpring 2014 空中遊泳 -swim on the flower field 空中遊泳 -swim on the flower field 春遊園 -spring field 春遊園 -spring field QUAD QUAD high/low-way high/low-way tetrameric EBS tetrameric EBS 対峙 -coexistence 対峙 -coexistence 深海 -ocean depths 深海 -ocean depths ice age ice age sky petals sky petals 蜃気楼 -winter mirage 蜃気楼 -winter mirage 氷の街 -ice city 氷の街 -ice city 海辺に立つ -waiting four 海辺に立つ -waiting four the spirit the spirit winter ruins winter ruins urban lady urban lady Tokyo fortress Tokyo fortress Winter Tokyo Winter Tokyo Wheelwheelwheel Wheelwheelwheel フユノモリ -a winter scene in a forest フユノモリ -a winter scene in a forest color rings color rings colored wheel colored wheel イロドリ遊園 -pleasure ground イロドリ遊園 -pleasure ground カラフル遊園 -colorful park カラフル遊園 -colorful park 街の重像 -urban portrait 街の重像 -urban portrait Rolling Wheels Rolling Wheels 廃墟秋奏 -ruin on fire 廃墟秋奏 -ruin on fire cubism cubism 湖上の鳥居 -entrance 湖上の鳥居 -entrance 多治見修道院 -Tajimi monastery 多治見修道院 -Tajimi monastery quay man quay man Come to Kyoto! Come to Kyoto! island of the art island of the art autumn/winter days autumn/winter days 秋彩色 -momiji in ruins 秋彩色 -momiji in ruins 秋の投影 -autumnal projection 秋の投影 -autumnal projection autumn feelings autumn feelings 秋色シルエット -autumn tinted ruins 秋色シルエット -autumn tinted ruins 冬の輪舞曲 -winter rondo 冬の輪舞曲 -winter rondo parallel highway parallel highway Metasequoia Avenue Metasequoia Avenue LC-A+ Japan Autumn Day LC-A+ Japan Autumn Day Blue City Blue City 嵯峨野竹林 -Kyoto in silence 嵯峨野竹林 -Kyoto in silence 紅蓮 -roaring flames 紅蓮 -roaring flames 浮遊都市 -Multiple Flying Buildings 浮遊都市 -Multiple Flying Buildings doves of peace doves of peace KL Inception part2 KL Inception part2 KL city (my point of) view KL city (my point of) view 日馬融合 -fusion of Japan and Malaysia 日馬融合 -fusion of Japan and Malaysia 日馬融合 -EBS- Japan and Malaysia 日馬融合 -EBS- Japan and Malaysia 秋の街路樹 -Autumn Avenue 秋の街路樹 -Autumn Avenue Eva_eva_EBS Eva_eva_EBS 平和の広場 -a place in peace 平和の広場 -a place in peace KL Inception KL Inception Malaysia in Red Malaysia in Red 古都を彩る -Autumn colors in Kyoto 古都を彩る -Autumn colors in Kyoto 金色の野に降りたつべし -golden glass field 金色の野に降りたつべし -golden glass field コナラのある丘 -a hill of quercus serrata コナラのある丘 -a hill of quercus serrata 秋の寸景 -pieces of autumn 秋の寸景 -pieces of autumn ましかくの秋 -Autumn Square ましかくの秋 -Autumn Square Redscene Redscene 深層-en-trance 深層-en-trance Autumnwall Autumnwall 視線 -Watching you 視線 -Watching you 古都の秋 -Kyoto in autumn 古都の秋 -Kyoto in autumn 嵯峨野竹林 -Kyoto in silence 嵯峨野竹林 -Kyoto in silence 寄生獣 -bloody hands 寄生獣 -bloody hands Soup-Swap02 Soup-Swap02 Soup-Swap01 Soup-Swap01 笠置峡の朝 -autumn colors 笠置峡の朝 -autumn colors Port Island North Park Port Island North Park Hypercube Hypercube 迸る鍾洞 -sparkling tunnel 迸る鍾洞 -sparkling tunnel Traffic Xpro Traffic Xpro Riverside Red Riverside Red 川沿いリコリス -Field of Lycoris 川沿いリコリス -Field of Lycoris 夏色パッセージ -summer silhouette 夏色パッセージ -summer silhouette Autumn Redscale 2013 Autumn Redscale 2013 天空の橋梁 -Tower Bridge in full summer 天空の橋梁 -Tower Bridge in full summer Cosmos field Cosmos field 倫敦夕景 -London sunset, with a tint from Japan 倫敦夕景 -London sunset, with a tint from Japan EBS Swap Wall EBS Swap Wall Both sides of UK and Japan Both sides of UK and Japan Summer Factory Summer Factory 空中展望 -Observatory in the sky 空中展望 -Observatory in the sky いざ海岸へ -to the flower beach いざ海岸へ -to the flower beach 調和 -Harmony with Japan and UK 調和 -Harmony with Japan and UK 融合 -fusion of UK and Japan 融合 -fusion of UK and Japan 存在 -in the Tunnel 存在 -in the Tunnel Haunted Tunnel Haunted Tunnel summer flowers for factories summer flowers for factories 盛花必衰 -sunflower field 盛花必衰 -sunflower field London Eyes London Eyes 潮騒のメモリー -Late Summer 潮騒のメモリー -Late Summer blue moment blue moment Summer daydream Summer daydream urban aquarium urban aquarium Lucent Avenue Lucent Avenue 深海 -deep into the sea 深海 -deep into the sea summer silhouette summer silhouette Abbey in the air Abbey in the air Structure of London Structure of London London Eyes London Eyes Westminster Westminster Buckingham Buckingham Devil's Dyke Devil's Dyke London London the stairs the stairs London underground London underground Flowers for the evening Flowers for the evening Brighton Beach Brighton Beach Twin Bridges Twin Bridges kids world kids world それぞれの夏 -every story in summer それぞれの夏 -every story in summer under the bridge under the bridge 進撃のごっちん -Gocchin meets Tokyo 進撃のごっちん -Gocchin meets Tokyo a lady on the port a lady on the port night bridge night bridge red factory in the sky red factory in the sky crossway crossway highway of flower highway of flower Konstruktor's tunnel Konstruktor's tunnel a park where she used to be a park where she used to be 五月雨橋 -flower rain 五月雨橋 -flower rain Tokyo panoramic view Tokyo panoramic view Shinjuku blue vision Shinjuku blue vision into the 異次元 into the 異次元 Tokyo blue vision Tokyo blue vision Tulip Garden Tulip Garden magical garden magical garden Sprocket Tulip Sprocket Tulip 楽園 Spring Garden 楽園 Spring Garden Hotel in the air Hotel in the air City of Daydream City of Daydream Kobe Port Tower Kobe Port Tower Old Tunnel Old Tunnel New Osaka Station New Osaka Station Spring Field Spring Field Something unrealistic Something unrealistic Velvia sparks Velvia sparks chapelized chapelized psychedelic churches psychedelic churches Matsumoto Castle in red Matsumoto Castle in red Dolphin Flying Dolphin Flying Swim under the factories Swim under the factories Industrial Chain Industrial Chain winter sky winter sky Green Night Green Night Ice Lake Ice Lake winter blooms winter blooms Colors in January Colors in January Tribute to X Tungsten Tribute to X Tungsten Winter Farm Winter Farm church in the sky church in the sky Days of EBS Days of EBS Chapel in the sky Chapel in the sky frozen lake shines frozen lake shines Both sides in daily life Both sides in daily life Two sides of the graveyard Two sides of the graveyard winter farm sunset winter farm sunset WInter EBS WInter EBS industrial area in purple industrial area in purple snow night snow night symmetry in December symmetry in December industrial area industrial area U.F.Oil-plant U.F.Oil-plant Purple Town Purple Town 赤富士 -Red Fuji- 赤富士 -Red Fuji- Green Night Green Night 秋に泳ぐ -Swim in Autumn- 秋に泳ぐ -Swim in Autumn- それぞれの秋 -Each moment in Autumn- それぞれの秋 -Each moment in Autumn- Psychedelicious 2012 Autumn Psychedelicious 2012 Autumn 朝霧に咲く -Stand alone 朝霧に咲く -Stand alone 燃ゆる車軸 -Autumn Wheels 燃ゆる車軸 -Autumn Wheels urbanized 01 urbanized 01 urbanized 02 urbanized 02 それぞれの秋 -red moment- それぞれの秋 -red moment- 笠置峡 -silent ravine in autumn- 笠置峡 -silent ravine in autumn- fall in macro fall in macro Mountain Chain2 Mountain Chain2 my favorite woods my favorite woods Lake in the rain Lake in the rain my favorite tree my favorite tree purple nature purple nature mountain chain mountain chain mountain range mountain range Cosmos multicolored Cosmos multicolored Full Blossom Full Blossom Mountain Mountain Cosmos Lady Cosmos Lady Sunset Farm Sunset Farm 幻想曲 -Cosmos Fantasia- 幻想曲 -Cosmos Fantasia- Redscale Soup Redscale Soup Autumn Wall Autumn Wall Purple Sky Purple Sky Autumn Day in purple Autumn Day in purple Snow Town Snow Town bilateral railroad bilateral railroad Golden Sunset Golden Sunset quarter world quarter world Early Autumn Early Autumn flower wheels flower wheels EBS Highway EBS Highway Temple Art Temple Art psychedelicious psychedelicious Film Soup2 Film Soup2 Film Soup1 Film Soup1 Summer City Frame Summer City Frame Angels 2012 Angels 2012 Flower Terminal Flower Terminal Dancers in the fog Dancers in the fog Hell's Angels 2012 Hell's Angels 2012 Sunkissed Afternoon Sunkissed Afternoon Puzzle City Puzzle City City with wheels City with wheels U.F.Oil-plant U.F.Oil-plant Red View Red View Enjoy with EBX Enjoy with EBX Flowerium Flowerium running gear running gear Flower Coaster Flower Coaster Summerscale Summerscale Summer Train Summer Train Sun Sun Sun Sun Sun Sun City View City View Flower Tunnel Flower Tunnel dance in the red dance in the red EBS town EBS town Dolphin Sky Dolphin Sky Swimming on the sky Swimming on the sky Sunflower Field Sunflower Field Wheel Town Wheel Town Seaside Park at night Seaside Park at night Heavenly Summer Heavenly Summer Red and Blue Red and Blue bridge over the dimension bridge over the dimension Be Holganic! Be Holganic! Two sides of the town Two sides of the town Tunnel Vision Tunnel Vision two sides of the daily life two sides of the daily life 新緑/新赤 新緑/新赤 Blue/Red Wheels Blue/Red Wheels Reality in a tangle Reality in a tangle reddish blues reddish blues flower wheels flower wheels factory zone with blue/red factory zone with blue/red Red/Blue Scaled City Red/Blue Scaled City multi-bridge multi-bridge Flower Wheels Flower Wheels kaleidoscopic kaleidoscopic Multi-Gravity Multi-Gravity walk in a park 2012 walk in a park 2012 Spring Riverside Spring Riverside Midland Square Midland Square Sunset Mill Sunset Mill flower bed flower bed fortress fortress parallel garden parallel garden Chapels Chapels Industrial Rocket Industrial Rocket a lady in ruins a lady in ruins Fukushima in spring Fukushima in spring Cemetery in the air Cemetery in the air tulip garden tulip garden nudes in bloom nudes in bloom cherry girl cherry girl green bridge green bridge chapels chapels Aizuwakamatsu Castle Aizuwakamatsu Castle Ruins in Fukushima Ruins in Fukushima chapel on the heights chapel on the heights Fukushima in spring Fukushima in spring tulip garden in the rain tulip garden in the rain a lady in ruins a lady in ruins spring colors spring colors Random spring Random spring vessel vessel Riverside Kyoto Riverside Kyoto What a Symmetrical World What a Symmetrical World TunnelVision TunnelVision tulip garden tulip garden tulip show tulip show cherry trees cherry trees tulip... tulip... Spring 2012 Spring 2012 Peachtree field Peachtree field field of hope field of hope Tokyo flower town Tokyo flower town early spring early spring woods woods flower town flower town Swimming Swimming vision tokyo vision tokyo Ume Blossom Ume Blossom lightning lightning capillary capillary Industry Industry Walker Walker Passage Passage Whēēēēēēls Whēēēēēēls scrap beauty scrap beauty Hells Wheels Hells Wheels green universe green universe treeəərt treeəərt ferris wheel ferris wheel frozen lake frozen lake flowery flowery red castle red castle red town red town winter scene winter scene red tunnel red tunnel scrapyard scrapyard red woods red woods Swan Lake in blood Swan Lake in blood new day new day scrap scrap reflection reflection winter colors winter colors red bridge red bridge space space bare tree bare tree woods woods winter winter flying factory flying factory green tunnel green tunnel Nagoya City Night Nagoya City Night new town new town railway bridge railway bridge Inuyama bridge Inuyama bridge the Pacific the Pacific fishing in the morning fishing in the morning Nagoya Castles Nagoya Castles bamboo thicket in Kyoto bamboo thicket in Kyoto red sky in Peru red sky in Peru Kyoto in autumn3 Kyoto in autumn3 Kyoyo in autumn1 Kyoyo in autumn1 Kyoto in the morning Kyoto in the morning red trees red trees maple trees maple trees morning in the mist morning in the mist flying factories flying factories cyclists cyclists industrieeees!!! industrieeees!!! cloudy  day in red cloudy day in red Runners Runners dusk in industrial town dusk in industrial town Industrial Complex at night Industrial Complex at night industrial beauty industrial beauty cosmosed town cosmosed town DUSK DUSK highway magic highway magic industrial area in red industrial area in red Sparkling Sparkling highway sparkling highway sparkling in bloom in bloom love aquarium love aquarium swim on the garden swim on the garden enjoying! enjoying! sunny autumn day sunny autumn day tree in blossom tree in blossom autumn ISO800 autumn ISO800 cosmos cosmos sunset in Nagano sunset in Nagano riverside riverside red sunset red sunset autumn day autumn day R19 at night R19 at night riverside riverside walking along the river walking along the river sunny autumn day sunny autumn day Dolphin's Dream Dolphin's Dream lycoris lycoris Dolphin Fantasy Dolphin Fantasy cosmos cosmos aquarium XP aquarium XP aquarium2011 aquarium2011 tree on fire tree on fire painting painting rainy day rainy day What are you lookin' at? What are you lookin' at? buckwheat field in the rain buckwheat field in the rain hand flower hand flower X the redbridge X the redbridge love handmade redscale love handmade redscale lightleaks summer lightleaks summer Red Bridge Red Bridge RedPark RedPark tree on tree tree on tree trees trees Sunflower... Sunflower... summer symmetry summer symmetry burnin' burnin' Industrial beauty in red Industrial beauty in red Industrial beauty Industrial beauty Industrial Mix Industrial Mix Sunflower! Sunflower! summer vacation summer vacation dance in the green dance in the green Hell's Angels Hell's Angels dance in the red dance in the red Angel Angel farm farm red moment red moment dance in the sky dance in the sky after the rain after the rain ChurchWall ChurchWall steeeeel!!! steeeeel!!! four months after tsunami four months after tsunami tsunami-hit area tsunami-hit area Organic Organic rainy season rainy season crazy for bridge crazy for bridge double church double church SteelWall SteelWall silence silence chapel chapel flowers for factory flowers for factory wheels wheels steel tower steel tower flowery factory flowery factory steel towers steel towers roses in the air roses in the air street view street view telephone pole! telephone pole! steel tower in red steel tower in red factory view factory view telephone pole telephone pole ChapelWall ChapelWall power station on fire power station on fire PSITS PSITS symmetry in red symmetry in red walk in the park walk in the park another dimension another dimension rose garden rose garden cherry blossoms in full bloom cherry blossoms in full bloom tsunami 3.11 tsunami 3.11 tsunami 3.11 tsunami 3.11 Terror Of The Tsunami In Japan Terror Of The Tsunami In Japan tsunami disaster tsunami disaster light leaks light leaks riverside riverside blue bridge blue bridge bridge in the mist bridge in the mist BRIDGEBANG BRIDGEBANG rice terraces rice terraces flower illusiion flower illusiion symmetrical bridge symmetrical bridge Apocalypse Apocalypse flower garden flower garden bridgeworks bridgeworks riverside park riverside park steel tower steel tower quarry quarry distorted bridge distorted bridge dizziness bridge dizziness bridge nite spectra nite spectra cross the bridge cross the bridge bicycles!!! bicycles!!! train!!! train!!! cycling of symmetry cycling of symmetry double plants double plants Wall the LomoWall Wall the LomoWall blue and pink blue and pink spring beauty of Japan spring beauty of Japan cherry blossoms! cherry blossoms! Don't give up,Japan! Don't give up,Tohoku! Don't give up,Japan! Don't give up,Tohoku! vivid snow vivid snow BridgeWall BridgeWall night station night station colorful snow colorful snow Don't give up, Japan! Don't give up, Japan! wanderin' in the forest wanderin' in the forest spectrum of light spectrum of light green night in snow green night in snow deep snow deep snow silent ravine silent ravine in bloom in bloom LomoWall #redscale LomoWall #redscale airport airport sunset in winter sunset in winter crossing crossing My Town My Town snow snow sunrise & sunset sunrise & sunset AQUARIUM AQUARIUM shoppig mall shoppig mall Vietnam street Vietnam street Vietnam Halong Bay2 Vietnam Halong Bay2 Vietnam Nite Vietnam Nite bicycle bicycle fallen leaves fallen leaves Hong Kong vision Hong Kong vision green days green days crossful days2 crossful days2 Red Signal Red Signal reflection reflection the wreckage the wreckage Vietnam passion Vietnam passion late in autumn late in autumn