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Pinhole Papercams by Thomas Hudson Reeve

Pinhole photographer Thomas Hudson Reeve has come up with an interesting concept for shooting: he doesn't use a camera and he doesn't even use film! Instead, he uses Papercams, pinhole cameras made entirely out of photo paper! Check out the awesome results below.

American Trip...

Laserjet Transfer on Mixed Media Collage

I was looking for a new way to show my lomographs. I wanted to incorporate texture, mixed media, collaging and lots of contrast. I found laserjet transfers.

yummie - toast!

Shooting Sunsets: The Classic Breathtaking Photo

Looking through my photos collection, I noticed that a large amount of them were shots of the sunset. And every single one was like a no-brainer winner. Aim at the horizon and snap a photo to guarantee a breathtaking freezeframe!

Din! The Film is Ready!

I thought of cooking film. I put the film in the microwave and.... good pictures came out!

Traffic Lights in my Photos

Traffic lights are helpful light signals that you usually find on the corners of crossroads...but they're also inside your Lomographic cameras.


Winter holidays are coming , so get your cameras ready for the most beautiful time of the year: New Year’s Eve.

Stars and Moon Shots

I love stars and the moon. Taking a pictures of it might be the most beautiful thing one might perform, so here's a tutorial on how to do it with any camera.

Developing Negatives for Beginners

Developing your own black and white negatives can be cheap and deceptively simple with a little help. I have just learned how and will share my experiences here.

Start Your Own Camera Mail!

Camera Mail is an interesting project that you can do! The idea is to mail a camera to different parts of the world and have people take pictures of themselves. Read on for the instructions on how you can start your own Camera Mail project.

Ghosts in my Pictures!

Off-camera lighting and a powerful Lomography flash is the best way to get really spooky, pretty feaky, VERY GHOSTLY images. Find out more after the jump!

Take Advantage of the Golden Hour!

The golden hour is the hour after the sunrise and the hour before the sunset. Many photographers take advantage of this magical hour for the magnificent lighting that it casts over the horizon. Learn how to take advantage of the golden hour!

Airesflex 1954: A Wonderful Vintage Twin Lens Reflex Camera

First experience with a Japanese vintage 6x6 Twin Lens Reflex camera, an Airesflex from the year 1954.

Me... an angel ;-)

Diana F+, The Beautiful Bird

With shell so fragile and spirit so true / wings that spread like whispers and take to the wind / graceful and illusion / forgotten moments lost / captured small squares.

Forget your Film

Several months ago I get myself a Zenit 12XP. I was very impatient to use it but the lightmeter wasn't really working and so I forgot the camera. Last week I finally finished the roll in it.

Sixteen Times the Fun

We all know that the Lomography Supersampler is four times the fun compared to a regular plastic camera. But what if we do doubles with it, and use two masks? 4 lenses x 2 exposures x 2 masks = 16 times the fun!

Holga + Diana+ Splitzer + Diana Flash+ ?? Yes... it's possible!!!

Here's a quick tip on how to increase the level of creativity using Diana+ accessories on Holga cameras!

Baking Soda Makes Delicious Pictures Too

I have to admit, during my early involvement playing with analogue cameras, I've always been scared to expose my film to any liquid or dirt - even normal drinking water. I always had in mind that the pictures will be absolutely destroyed if exposed to water.

Crazy Colour Filters Tailored for the Instax Mini 7S

Bursts of colour everywhere on a tiny canvas? Yes please!

My Street Shooting Tips

Although I am not particularly good at street photography, I would like to share some tips that had worked for me. I hope that my tips will be of use to you. Do drop me a note if they work!

Citric Acid

Push the contrast of your pictures with citric acid.

A Simple Guide to Setting Up Your Own Photographic Darkroom

In this simple tutorial our friends over at PhotoTuts+ teach you how to make your own photographic darkroom for developing black & white film!

Easy Guerilla Scanning!

This is a very easy way to scan your negatives! No cutting up shoeboxes, and no windows - just use your computer screen!

Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area, Las Vegas

There's more to Las Vegas than glitzy hotels and gambling! There's nature, too!

The Hoover Dam

Building the dam was hot, dirty and often dangerous work, but more than 20,000 men were happy to be working on the Hoover Dam, the biggest dam project in the world when it was completed.