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Analogue Photography Today

Does film still have a place in culture and society?

How 35mm Film is Developed and Printed

If you've ever wondered about the journey your film goes through once you take it to the lab, you're in for a treat! PetaPixel shares with us some behind the scenes photos showing how 35mm film is developed and printed in local labs! Read on and feed your curiosity!

My 2012 in Analogue: Hits and Misses of My 2012 Lomo Bucket List

Let us see if I was able to accomplish my 2012 Lomo bucket list with this year-end analogue review.

My 2012 in Photos and Memories

When I got my planner for this year, I was stoked to find out that it had extra blank pages at the end of each month. So I made a promise to myself that I would fill those blank pages out when the month is up.

Malaysia's Community Recommendation, Wish-list & New Year Resolutions

December came too soon and it's marking the end of 2012. I've talked to some very active community members from Malaysia and let's check out what's on their wish-list this Christmas and New Year Resolutions after the jump!

Light painting with Belair X 6-12
Beach Time
Me, and my LC-A.
Me, and my LC-A.
Nadia, my class mate from my times at LCC
Sprocket Rocket Girl & Railway
The cat in the bag
C.C. Wu / 5.18

Lomography Redscale 100 35mm

A tricky light hungry monster of a film that when tamed a little yields amazing results.

Moscow Trip. January 2012

One of the First Lucky Belair Owners from Malaysia: Eva Eva

Holla! I'm Eva, and I'm one of the lucky Lomographers in Malaysia who received the very first batch of Belair X 6-12 cameras. Woohoo!

My mug shot

The 60 Most Popular Lomo LC-Wide Shots

You know when they say, "go big or go home"? Well, we say, "go wide or go home"!

Scanning Film Using Your Mobile Phone or Tablet PC

Do you have rolls and rolls of processed films waiting to be scanned, but you can't attend to it because your flatbed scanner doesn't support film? Well, PetaPixel says you can work with that scanner if you have a large-screen mobile phone or tablet! Find out how in this article!

Coming Full Circle : Thumbing Spin

Now it's tipster time about the Lomography Spinner 360. The tips that I want to give now is the one you, the Spinner Lomographer, need.

Reviews on Rewind: Spinner 360

Which analogue buddy do you turn to when you want to go for a spin? Why, the Spinner 360, of course! With that, it's about time for us to have a dedicated Reviews on Rewind installment on one of Lomography's panoramic shooters!

Shutter rev Turns ONE!

Analogue Photography Enriched My Life

Analogue saved us! Analogue restored our emotions, sublimed and enriched our daily lives by bringing a new vision of imaging and captures. It feels like analogue photography subtly (but surely) changed the life of all those who approached it. Nowadays, analogue definitely is the walk on the wild side of photography.

Having Fun with the Lomo LC-Wide

Though it might seem "square" on the outside, the Lomo LC-Wide can be your best friend when taking fun pictures!