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3 Best Korean LC-A Anniversary Community Partys 2009

Three groups of Lomo Korean community held their unique LC-A 25th anniversary party in Seoul!

Namsan, The Real Landmark in Seoul

Namsan, the real landmark in Seoul to see the whole city of Seoul, there is one great spot on the very center of the city, N-tower - an icon of Seoul at the top of Namsan Mt.

LomoAmigo: Yaya from Herman Dune and His LC-A!

"Strange Moosic", the latest album of Herman Dune, was released May 23rd! Yaya Herman Dune was kind enough to take some time to tell us his story with Lomography and the LC-A which is running for some years now. He took some pictures related to this new album, and also shows us some other pics related to his personnal life and the life of his band. Read more...

日本 横浜三渓園 (Yokohama Sankeien Garden, Japan)


LC-Wide – Just Amazing!

When I received this amazing camera, the first thing I thought was “This will be perfect for street snapshots!” - My second thought was “The mechanics are awesome!” - And my third thought was “Should I sell some of my cameras?”

LC-Wide – 就是不可思議!


「写真と人」中村美鶴、LOMO LC-A+で撮る

2006年より5年間に渡り、フリーペーパー「写真と人」をたった一人で、企画・編集・撮影・デザイン・発行し、多くのバンドマンの方々へインタビューを行ってきた中村美鶴。 現在、浅草のギャラリーPIPPOにて、写真展&ライブイベントも開催されています。素晴らしい行動力を持つ彼女のインタビュー及び、LOMO LC-A+写真をご紹介いたします。

Perfect close-up focusing with a Lomo LC-A+

If you're no good at judging distances Zone Focusing on the Lomo LC-A+ can be difficult, but with a a couple of techniques you can nail it every time.

Lomo LC-Wide Lover: Jennifer Su

The charming Jennifer Su (aka cheriesu) is our latest Lomo LC-Wide Lover. What's not to love? With so many features packed in one compact camera, it's impossible not to get hooked. Check out cheriesu's gallery for some wide-angled inspiration!

木更津 海に立つ電柱

千葉県木更津市には海に立つ電柱があります。 とても幻想的な風景です。

The backbone of Lomographer Knowledge : Aperture, ISO & Shutter Speed.

Some of you may get out of focus images and some of you may experienced with dark image. Wondering why it is ? I will explain you why base on my experience.It is probably because you set the aperture and shutter speed wrongly, or it might be the ISO of the film. Don't get frustrated yet, because i'm going to share with you my basic understandings of how to work with the settings by using LOMO Smena 8m.

Doubles With You: Coldkennels and Juliagulia

It seems like such a long time ago now, but right at the start of the summer, I got an exciting package through the mail - a roll of film from Hungary! Check out the Doubles With You collaboration between coldkennels and juliagulia!

Gallery Stores 發佈派對現場:揭幕倒數!


Split Horizons

Use electrical tape to build a Horizon Splitzer.

A Trip Around the World at Little World

Longing for an overseas trip but got no money and time? For those reasons, why not visit Little World at Aichi Prefecture to experience a trip around the world instead?

Indie Life in Full Color

If you're like me, which I assume you are since you've made it this far on the internet, you love some aspect of photography if not simply snapping away at everything around you. For me I love cameras, I love looking at cameras I love planning what camera to buy next, I love learning about all the thousands (or maybe just hundreds) of different types of cameras that are out there. Loving something like that is never enough, you have to share it with the world, at least I think so.

Leave Behind the Tour Guide and Visit Colegiales!

Colegiales is a neighborhood in Buenos Aires, at the north of the city between Palermo, Belgrano, and Chacarita. It is quiet and lovely and if you have a good eye, you'll see a lot of great and original places to take pictures of. And those places are the type that you won't just learn from any tour guide!

First Entries to the Cannes Mini Movie Competition!

we're getting rolls by the dozen here at Lomography HQ, and we thought it only fair to share them with you. Read after the jump to see what Cannes Short Film Movie directors have come up with when faced with a Multi-lens camera and some film!

Lubitel Love from Waist Level Chapter 10: Give Up Control and Learn to Love Analog

Even the most anal-retentive of photographers, with all the settings set perfectly, will find that the Lubitel pulls a surprise out of its bag of tricks every now and then. It’s best to roll with it - and be a little random yourself.

Lomofest Ukraine - The Opening

After an exclusive press conference we opened the doors for the visitors to the Lomofest in Kiev. A few hundred Lomography fans enjoyed music & dancers, a lectures about lomography, a movie screening and of course all great installations! Check out the photos here:

He and She, Randy and Erin: Inspiring Each Other Through Photographs

Randy and Erin are the brain-lovers of He and She Photography, a one-of-a-kind wedding photography service which makes use of a "natural light-lifestyle-fashion-photojournalism" style -- turning everyone else's love into art. Interestingly, they are also into film photography, especially when they're not working. Take a peek at their stunning shots and their inspiring words.