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Year of the Tiger

Cherished Memories of Travel : Lomography + Unexplored India Contest

In this vibrant and amazing country there is just so much to see, explore and capture in a wonderful photography! And there is so much we would have already seen and clicked, albums of which now lie in our closets! Lomography, a worldwide community of analog photographers who believe in documenting the world through pictures is now in India with an exclusive contest for members of Unexplored India! This is a chance to shake the dust off the the awesome photos of journeys taken years ago and relive the times.

Pictures from the '70s: My Analogue, Beautiful Mom

My mother is really pretty, but she’s much prettier in analogue.

自拍:鏡子、倒影,隨時隨地留下倩影! (Self-Portraits : Mirrors, Reflections, and Everywhere!)


My Friend Lakandula

"I never thought someone would find interest in interviewing me about Lomography. Considering myself as a newbie in comparison to many experienced lomographers, I feel privileged to share my private thoughts on the subject." - @lakandula



La Vie「世界的台北‧我的台北」系列專輯三:夜視台北


Analogue Indulgence: The Feline Family

We all have our favourite photographic subjects when shooting in analogue and one of the usual and universal subject that is loved by many belong to the Kingdom Animalia: CATS! Actors, artists, musicians, and even writers — they all have one thing in common: their very own furry, lovable friends.

特別專訪:Lomo LC-Wide 幕後發明家 (前篇)

因著對 analogue 相機的濃厚興趣,不歇息的創新及改良產品精神,Lomography 相機研發團隊把無盡可能性帶到產品開發。特意找來新品 Lomo LC-Wide 幕後發明家 Mr. Cat 和 Ron 獨家訪談,來看幕後主腦如何構想新相機吧!

Kisarazu: Electric Poles Built on the Sea

There are electric poles that are built on the sea at Kisarazu in Chiba Prefecture which makes for a very eccentric scenery.

A Beast of a DIY Camera

Let’s be honest. Film photography has become a somewhat ambitious venture, what with the logistics of it being relatively scarce. But nothing is more ambitious than building a huge folding camera, bellows and all, that can shoot on a 3-foot wide film.

My Father's Trips: Rome 1971

In an old box, I found several negatives, with some fungus and in bad condition ... but with the most beautiful memories of one of the many trips of my father.

Lomography Redscale 100 - 黃金反轉片

使用 Lomography Redscale 後的強烈感覺:我還是比較想稱它為 Goldscale !

Drawings in My Photos

The wonderful outcome of the experiment I did for the Thailand-Spain film swap.

Nakatajima Sand Dunes

My friends and I went on a trip to photograph the sunrise at Nakatajima Sand Dunes in Shizuoka Prefecture!

Uniting Smiles Rumble - LomoWall Exhibition at Fringe Festival Athens

This year, the Fringe Festival Athens will have another highlight: a house full of analogue fun! Nearly 50m² of LomoWall will welcome the visitors there and unite Lomographs from around the world. Show us your smiles and win piggies!

Malaysia LomoLocations Call Out!

Hello analogue freaks from Malaysia! Did you go anywhere this summer? Did you pay a visit to the wonderful beach near the East Coast yet? What about some heritage places at Malacca? Have you been to the countryside and had a Lomo-relaxing-walk with your loves one? Or maybe participated in any of the happening events, festivals, or concerts in Malaysia for the past few months?

Lomo LC-A 現身最新一期 Elle Italia

最近,我們最愛的 Analogue 相機開始在各式各樣的地方受到注目了,看看這次最新的注目點──原版 Lomo LC-A。

Them and Their Cameras: Vintage Hollywood Superstars

We've just seen various actors and actresses and their cameras in their portrayals of different roles in the movies, fiction and based on real events, as photographers. Now, let's go behind the scenes and say cheese as these Hollywood stars hold their vintage cameras up!

LomoWalls of the Week

Mirror, mirror, on the wall. Show me the prettiest LomoWall of all! Or at the very least of last week, which we are happy to oblige!

Please don´t do this!

Why did i start this? I thought it would be cool, but yeah.. Well, why did i do it? Why the hell did i start to draw with CD marker on my negatives? I did it to some bad pictures (those blurry, under/over-exposed), and suddenly I did it to a good pic.

Perfect Focus

Tired of blurry pics?? You want sharp images?? This is the tipster for you - easy, cheap and effective.

My favorite Japanese Cultures コンペティション Winner発表!

My favorite Japanese Cultures コンペティション の優勝者を発表致します!

Rebel Against The Sensors

Change must always be gradual. If you have been waking up every morning and eating cornflakes for as long as you have been alive, I can't change that to a whiskey session with apples all of a sudden. It has to be gradual and slow. So if you've been shooting digital, then moving back one step at a time is the best way to move towards your final aim, with Canon Rebel X

Bi Bim Bap, Soho

London has so many choices for food and if you're anything like me, trying to decide on what to eat is a difficult task. Well help is at hand through Bi Bim Bap.

Vivian Maier Street Photography Rumble

She may not be world-famous...yet, but Vivian Maier's street photography has started to gain popularity among film photography enthusiasts through a blog that wonderfully showcases Ms. Maier's work from her 40-year career as a photographer in Chicago, USA. If you're an aspiring photographer yourself - or you find Ms. Maier's work absolutely inspiring, here's your chance to take part in our little tribute of a rumble because our Vivian Maier Street Photography Rumble starts now!

董敏 —— 热爱 Lomography 的摇滚乐团的吉他手!

董敏, 一名自由职业摄影师, 也是一名摇滚乐团的吉他手 ,玩 Lomography 相机3年多了 。带着 Lomography 相机 ,走过了无数的城市。他说,音乐总是和照片脱不开关系的。你们觉得呢?

台湾 台北 101 大楼 (Taipei 101, Taiwan)


颐和园- 北京的冬天之颐和园(Summer palace, Beijing, China)