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Monday 12:00 CET to Tuesday 12:00 CET – Build 5 LomoWalls which represent your love for analogue – Reward: 5 Piggies

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Tuesday 12:00 CET to Wednesday 12:00 CET – Write a blog entry about why you love analogue photography – Reward: 5 Piggies

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Wednesday 12:00 CET to Thursday 12:00 CET – Upload 50 Photos - Reward: 5 Piggies

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Thursday 12:00 CET to Sunday 21:00 CET – Who do you think will win the huge climax to the football fiesta in Brazil? Take a lucky strike and make your guess in our magazine article - Reward: 10 Piggies

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A mix of illustration and photography

An artist from Ivory Coast found a new way to intervene in his photographs.

Micks Pics

I found an amusing set of old pictures at a Flea Market in Bombay and thought I would share them with you!

Focusing with String

When near perfect center focus is desired from your Holga or Diana +

Top Lomographer Uslan Shares His Tips on How to Party Like a Pro!

Uslan is a truly legendary Lomographer, his shots have been used in so many Lomography articles that we simply had to crown him the King of Party Photography! Here he shares his tips on how to make your night go with a bang...and a flash!

Pirates of the Cannes Red Carpet

Our labs have been working non-stop to develop submissions to the Lomography and Mubi Cannes Mini Movie Competition. Roll after roll, we have been looking at some awesome pictures, and to our pleasant surprise, one of our competitors caught some shots of some big movie stars!

Room divider!

What to do with the empty film canisters? Look what a splendid idea RePlayGround had: a room divider!

My Love of the Silhouette

My love of the silhouette grew with one of my pictures during my virgin roll of LOMO LC-A, shooting on my birthday itself, on my pretty sister's wedding day. She is…pretty in pink. :)

Genting: An Entertainment City on a Hill

I spent my holiday recently with my loved one at Genting Highland, the Entertainment City on a hill! Cool climate, an outdoor theme park, 4D cinema, magic illusion show, stars theater, Malaysia's only casino, and much more awaiting Lomographers! WARNING! - Bring lots of FILMS!

日本中田島砂丘 (Nakatajima Sand Dunes)


Through the night with the Actionsampler

Long exposures with the Actionsampler previously seemed impossible. With this small modification, the night is your new playground!

4 in 1!

To be honest, Action Sampler was not on the top of my mind as a priority purchase. I got one as a gift and I just fell in love with this queen of sequential lenses.

There is more to the LC-Wide than meets the eye (in the viewfinder)

I've only shot a couple of rolls so far and there is definitely more this compact beast can see than the viewfinder will show you. It's wide, it's sharp, it's fast, it's small and it shoots analogue masterpieces with no fuss.



The Olympus Trip 35: An Amazing Find

Just a few words from me about a pretty little camera called the Olympus Trip 35. The Olympus Trip 35mm was born between 1967 and1984 (mine was born in May 1980). Over 10 million were produced and sold, so by no means is it a rare camera, but I do highly recommend getting one if you spot it going cheap!

Say hi to our latest Amigo, Diane Sagnier !

Diane is a photographer, Diane lives in Paris, Diane is young, but that's not the end of it. Diane is also into video editing and music, under the name Dbird, which is cool. In a nutshell, we're big fans, and we gave her a Colorsplash to see what she can do with it. Click here to read more...

Disderi 3 Lens Robot Camera – The Cutest Camera Ever

Isn't it the cutest camera you've ever seen? For me, it was love at first sight, I just had to buy it. I figured out that even if the pictures would be terrible, the camera would still be useful as an interior object because of its looks. Fortunately, I found out that the pictures turn gorgeous as well... and surprisingly shaped.

日本 木更津 - 豎立在日本海上的電線桿 (Kisarazu - Electric poles built on the sea)


X-rayed! Know the LC-Wide Inside Out

Take a look at it´s intestines and get amazing insight on what´s inside the LC-Wide! We didn´t fear an extra visit to our trusted dentist to get our latest premium camera checked out. Good news - no tooth decay or gingival atrophy diagnosed!

tokyo dome city
tokyo dome city
tokyo dome city
tokyo dome city
tokyo dome city
tokyo dome city
tokyo dome city
tokyo dome city
tokyo dome city
tokyo dome city

Kodak BW 400CN - 黑與白的溫柔

如果你想要拍到的是感覺如雲朵一般柔軟溫和的黑白照, Kodak BW 400CN 略低的反差跟細緻的灰階讓你在任何時間也可隨心所欲地拍出心儀的效果!省掉人手沖洗和所需等待的時間,讓黑白拍攝變得更方便!

Behind the Scenes: The Inventors of Lomo LC-Wide (Part I)

Want to know more about what happened during the developmental process of the whole Lomo LC-Wide shebang? Then you just have to read on if you're as excited as we are!



Holga 135BC - 和我相處融洽

加強暗角的 Holga 135BC ,拍出來的暗角效果很明顯。但建議剛開始玩的朋友們可以先從價格比較便宜的底片著手,否則一堆白片可能會讓你哭……

慢活 鼓浪嶼 (Gulangyu, China)


Sweet Rumble 賽果公布