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KL in a Day

Here's an attempt to cover the most popular places in the city if you only have a day to spend in Kuala Lumpur, these spots are truly worth a visit!

Smena 8M -- Great Manual Toy Camera For Starters

The Smena 8M was an entry-level that was produced by the Soviet Union during the early 70s and is a manual toy camera -- A great tool for amateur photographers and to those who want to start photography!

June's Most Popular Photos

You guys decided and we are more than happy to oblige. Here's a small collection of last month's epic images and most popular Lomographs.

LC-Wide 比你的眼(在取景器中)看到的更多

我至今只拍兩卷膠卷,這小巧的野獸所拍到的肯定會比你在取景器看到的更多。闊寬的鏡頭,銳利的成像,快速的操作,細小的機身,它無疑是 Analogue 相機的傑作。


一批又一批的新畫布,已經被我們出色的 Lomographer 們填上繽紛的色彩囉!為您送上本週最精彩的 LomoWalls。

Fisheye One - 和風小改造

你的 Fisheye One 有脫皮問題?希望我的分享可以幫到你。

Phat Chan@LMF 和 Lomography Sprocket Rocket!

Phat Chan,本地 Hip Hop 組合 LMF、24HERBS 成員,活躍於本地樂壇,推動 Hip Hop 文化和音樂;但成為 Lomographer 多年的他對使用 Lomography Sprocket Rocket 有甚麼心得?

Universiti Putra Malaysia (Serdang Campus)

Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM) is one of the public universities in Malaysia, located less than 20km from the capital city of Kuala Lumpur.

Lomo Neck Strap Attachment for Street Photography

Velcro and a drop of super glue do the trick!

Lost Your La Sardina Lens Cap?

It happened to me too fast...

記錄浪漫:Lomography 式的訂婚與結婚照


帶著 Lomography 一起去旅行 - APD

一雙行遍台灣的雙腳,一雙看盡台灣美景的雙眼,還有一票捕捉沿路風景的 Lomography 相機!在 APD 的照片中看見的台灣,是純樸的、真誠的、感動的。

A Showcase of My Analogue Working Life

Photography needs no planning, location, and time. It should be carried out anytime, any place, all the time.

Lomography 與 Skateistan:阿富汗首座滑板學校對 Analogue 的熱愛

為了將美麗的 Analogue 世界引介給阿富汗首座滑板學校 Skateistan 的學生,我們捐贈了近 40 台相機、底片以及書籍給這個計畫。我們希望這個捐贈計畫會對 Skateistan 學生的生活,產生真實、正面以及永遠的影響。而從第一張 Analogue 相片來判斷,相機已經成功地擄獲學生的心!繼續閱讀下去,了解這次合作計畫的資訊。

Multiple Exposure : Choose Your Subjects!

Multiple exposure is a photographic technique by exposing your film to different subjects. This technique will produce unique and unimaginable image to your photos. In fact, this method is experimental and will enable you to express your photos in a creative way. This article will guide you on proper subject to be choose for multiple exposure

Mephisto's June Rumble - Burn, Baby, burn

It's another month and Lomographic luminary mephisto19 has another rumble he cooked up for the rest of the community. Be careful not to burn yourself though, as this one is scorching!

Perak Trip with housemates

LomoAmigo:以 LC-A+ 跟 Sprocket Rocket 拍攝的 Ryan Tatar

Ryan Tatar 是名為 Shakas and Singlefins 的超棒部落格的幕後主持,他是來自加州的滑浪者和 analogue 攝影家。他以一台 LC-A 和 Sprocket Rocket 去捕捉加州的風景地貌跟衝浪的文化。我們也訪問了他對攝影的見解和如何取得靈感。

Diana F+ Bulb Mode without the Tripod!

Yes yes, we've all heard the part about using your tripod when you wanna use your camera's bulb mode. But yes, I was lazy. And, it was an impromptu roll I ran through my Diana F+ while I was bored waiting for a friend to be done and go for dinner.

Top Bloggers Who Use Analogue Cameras: Part 1

After a while of thinking about who to feature in this article, I realised that I had too many favourite blogs I'd like to share. So here is the FIRST part of my list of top bloggers who use analog cameras. Enjoy!

LC-A+ Splitzer: Split Your Creativity

The LC-A+ Splitzer enables you to maximize your creativity! Go split those images and let your imagination run wild!

Don't Diss Digital!

Analogue is the future, yes; we all know that?! BUT think how much this analogue revolution relies on digital intervention and why it works so well.

Escape from the City: A Beach Holiday in Bali!

What do you do when you need to escape from hectic city life and your boring job? I needed a break from everything and decided to go on a holiday with my pals to Bali, a nearby island in Indonesia. It is famous for its pretty beaches and is also one of the sites where Eat, Pray, Love was filmed!

User Review: La Sardina by littlrsaru!

จะเป็นยังไงเมื่อ 2 สาวฝาแฝดที่รู้จักกันดีในแวดวงของโลโม่ชาวไทย ได้มีโอกาสลองใช้กล้อง La Sardina ของเราก่อนใครๆ เธอจะมาบอกเล่าความรู้สึกและโชว์ตัวอย่างภาพแฟชั่นสวยๆให้พวกเราได้ชม

Sprocket hits iCity
Sprocket hits iCity

Malaysian, blog a story about Daddy rumble.

Father's Day is approaching. It's a celebration to honour fathers as well as to celebrate fatherhood. I believe everyone's dad has a unique place in his/her heart. He may be our role model in life but he could also be someone who leaves scars of our lifetime at the same time.

Kya-ri-ko (Calico) Cat Cafe in Kichijoji, Tokyo, Japan

One of those things I had aaaaalllways heard about but never truly believed to exist, is the Calico Cat Cafe, which was a very welcomed stop during our 2-week sojourn in Japan. Right when I was missing my own cats so dearly (I just had to include a photo of each of them in this gallery!).

Traffic Lights in My Photos

The traffic lights are signaling devices which are placed at the intersections of the streets, but also within your Lomographic cameras.

新鮮漁獲 - La Sardina

LC-Wide 的風暴都還沒消退,Lomography 家族就又誕生了一位新成員 - La Sardina。