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Amazing Expired Fuji Superia 200

This is expired film, but without expiry date on producing amazing photos.

Unveiling the Mystery of Instant Film Development

Ever wondered how instant film works? Behind the magic are layers containing a wondrous concoction of chemicals, multitasking rollers and an opaque coating working together to give you your snapshots in 60 seconds or less!

Do Doubles on Different Sides of Your Film!

When you flip your film and shoot on the back side of it, you get the lovely redscale. But sometimes I do miss the blue colour from the film when I do that. Why not shoot on both sides then!



Don't Hate Analogues!

Don't underestimate the analogues! I said that because many people around me do not support my passion to film cameras. Tons of criticism and negative words came out of their mouths...

Quickie Tipster:捕捉眩光!

把一張平凡無奇的照片變成充滿創意的作品,就讓我們來捕捉眩光吧!我的 Analogue 朋友們,快來一起享受當中的樂趣!走到戶外,跟陽光面對面吧!

Tina the Smena!

This is a story (review) about getting to know my new friend that you may find familiar!

100% 鐳射切割的 DIY 相機!


遊走台灣(一)侯硐 - La Sardina 尋找「貓之國度」

La Sardina 在香港探過大澳漁村的小貓,今次更遠赴台灣尋找「貓之國度」,還等什麼?馬上出發吧!喵~

用 LC-Wide 「疊」出你的無限想像力

LC-Wide 相機的半格拍照功能,讓你可以盡情實驗,變化出令人驚奇不斷、歎為觀止的重疊影像!

It Seems the Past Isn't So Far Away!

A Lomo-Location to intrigue you Californians who enjoy living in the past!

Underexposed Films are Gems. We Can Build a Mask Out of It.

The idea is simple, just like creating regular mask only out of our film. There is a good tipster in the past for building a mask. This has the same technique, just different medium.

Get Creative with Overlapping Images with the LOMO LC-Wide!

The half-frame format of the LOMO LC-Wide enables you to create amazing dreamlike overlapped images.

La Sardina 聞起來不像魚、不能游泳,但可以拍很多很酷的相片


Pictures Inside My Head

What will happen when silhouette meets multi-exposure?

Can I Put 220 Film in a Holga?

Will a roll of 220 film fit into your Holga? Do you have to make any special modifications to use it? I found the answers by reading articles online, but more importantly, through trial and error.

Kuching City Day and Night

Kuching is the capital of Sarawak and is a part of Malaysia. Did you know that Kuching is one of the largest cities on Borneo Island? This city has a mixture of old and new buildings. My urban adventures starts at Chinatown, Padungan and other areas in the city from day to night!

Good Things Come to Those Who Wait

One of the joys of Lomography and Analogue Photography is that of waiting. Once the shot is taken, there's no opportunity to 'look on the back' for the image. We wait. First for the roll to be finished, and then for the film to be processed, before we can see our images birthed into the world. But what happens when that process is interrupted. What happens if we don't process the film for a while? How about if we don't process it for 50 years?

Kodak Ultramax 400 評論 (Kodak Ultramax 400 Review)

我用 Diana Mini 相機拍攝我第一捲過期的 2009 Kodak Ultramax 400。這捲底片是 ISO 400 的彩色負片。我買這捲底片的主要原因是價格便宜,而我想要試試過期底片拍出的效果如何。

Penang Heritage City Rumble

In conjunction of Penang Heritage City Day, Lomography wants you to show us those spectacular heritage buildings in Penang City! I know that most of us associate Penang with the beaches, the iconic Penang Bridge and its glorious food but we are looking for those stunning shots on heritage buildings!

The addictive Sprocket Rocket!

In the world of Sprocket Rocket,the sprockets are definitely one of the most important elements. Furthermore, the super wide-angle lens is a good tool to gather all your good friends in one shot! The 0.6m minimum focus distance is a good excuse to bring you and your friends closer together. With all these advantages, I am already crazily in love with this camera!

avenida paulista

Photographers of the 20th Century: Harry Callahan

Harry Callahan (1912 - 1999) was one of the most important photographers of the 20th century. He is considered one of the greatest innovators of American photography.

Lomography Proudly Presents the Tori Amos Inspiration Competition

Lomography has partnered with world renowned song siren, Tori Amos, to bring you the iconic TORI Limited Edition Diana F+ and an amazing competition that will inspire Lomographers in every corner of the globe!

Agfa CT Precisa 100: It Really Doesn't Matter If It's Green Or Blue

Still missing the bluish and bright old Agfa CT Precisa? Getting used to the brand new green one? It doesn't really matter as it's still one of the best in town, seriously. So load your camera with this awesome film, rush outside and take awesome pictures as much as you like! :)

BIC CAMERA水戸駅店オープン!ロモグラフィーコーナーも大きく登場!


San Isidro 2011: ¡en Madrid!

¡Chulapos, chulapas, vistan sus mejores galas y vámonos de romería!



DIY Red Scale Film: Under the Duvet No More

So you want to try red scale film but are having trouble to find one? No problem. Make one for yourself.

台灣侯硐 - 幸福的貓村


LOMO LC-Wideでオーバーラッピング写真を楽しもう!

LOMO LC-Wideのハーフフレームフォーマットは、夢の中にいるようなオーバーラッピング写真が撮れるんです!!

June's Most Popular User Blogs

June's most popular articles in our User Blogs are all about odes to the best dads out there and some freshly caught La Sardina cameras! Check them out!

Vicuna Shoots With La Sardina

We couldn't wait to see Vicuna's Sardina photos and hear his thoughts on our freshest camera - Read on to see some stunning shots of French Polynesia in redscale, Sensia and more!

fun with kids+roppongi

Red-Scale When We Please

Here is how to turn an ordinary film into a wonderful red-scale.