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Sunglasses are a Filter!

When you were removing summer clothes, I hope you didn't remove your sunglasses, either. Because you will need them as you will be listening to my little tips. If you are ready to walk around with sunglasses in the middle of the winter, I will tell you.

Long Exposure Tips For Shooting Portraits With Holga

I love using my Holga to shoot long exposure portraits because it gives very dreamy and mysterious results. Many might think it is hard, but it is actually very easy and fun!

When the Diana F+ Flash Doesn't Dazzle, Fix It!

Sometimes, that extra drop on the hard concrete floor, or the extra thud on the edge on a wooden table can knock the mechanism that enables our retro Diana F+ falshes to shoot a dazzling display of light. Often, it can be fixed. Diana F+ flash can be saved!

DIY Recyclable Lens Cap

Nobody likes losing their lens cap but as we all know, that small little piece plastic is so easy to misplace! Well, fret no more because the DIY lens cap is here to save the day!

Lost Your Diana Mini Lens Cap? It's Not all Bad!

If you're like me, you have lost your Mini Diana's lens cap somewhere on the road back - on a curbside, in the middle of a wood, on the back seat of a bus. The camera just isn't the same without it. But I have recently found a very simple, low cost and tasty (yes tasty) way to replace it. Read on!

Make Something New with Your Failed Polaroids!

Who doesn’t know the mad feeling one gets when a Polaroid turns out different than expected? It’s really not necessary. Simply go get some paper, scissors, and glue and make some new and refreshing art out of it.

5 Tips to Being a Thrifty Photographer!

In this tipster, you will find out how you can save money on film photography. I will go over the five basic ways on how any film photographer and Lomographer can pursue their artistic dreams and develop their creative outlets without having to spend a fortune.

Back to Basics: Film Speed

Getting blurry shots when you shoot inside? Night shots all browny looking or washed out? Got no detail in clouds or snow or on beaches? Get the right film for the job.

Instant Pop of Colour

This is just a very quick and easy tipster (that some of you may already be aware of) and it's sure to add an extra splash of colour to your Instax photos.

Things I Learned from Using Holga CFN for the First Time

As the old adage says, you learn from your mistakes. Here are a few things I learned from using my Holga CFN for the first time.

DIY Lightbox

How to build a homemade lightbox for scanning your negatives