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An Introduction: Alia’s Just Another LomoArch Series

Liliana de Sousa, aka -alia-, hails from Amsterdam and is one of Lomography Magazine's new regular writers. Know more about her upcoming series, featuring her love for analogue photography and hiking in the cold, after the break.

Where I met Muhammad

LomoGuru of the Week: Earlybird

His trademark black and white portraits have become very popular in our Community. His username rings a loud bell, too. Well, I guess it's just time for us to publish an interview with this guy from Germany!

Just Another LomoArch: Artichekt

He is a lomographer who doesn’t need any introduction, a lomoarch that you’ll be pleased to read about. He does magic with analogue cameras and he’s able to involve real buildings with charmed atmospheres. Without further ado, I have the honour to present you our first LomoArch: artichekt!

Some vegetation...
Some vegetation...
Lomowalk with artichekt
1959 Chrysler New Yorker Town & Country
1959 Mercury Colony Park
1961 Chrysler New Yorker Town & Country
1959 Cadillac Broadmoor Skyview
1958 Packard Wagon

Use Two 110 Films on a 35mm Camera for Crazy Awesome Shots

So there are a lot of tipsters and hacks on the web for using 35mm film on different format cameras, so I went and tried using 110 on a 35mm camera, and this is pretty much what I got on my first try. It’s a bit of a process, but it’s also lots of fun, then again, what in Lomography isn't?

Pinhole Photography: Medium Format Cigar Box Pinhole

I have never been really interested in pinhole photography. No reason, just never gave it much thought. But having enjoyed yesterdays pinhole workshop at the Lomography store in Antwerp, and it recently being world pinhole photography day, I thought I'd give it a shot and build my own medium format cigar box camera!

This film wants to be developed in E6 , doesn't it ?

Holga - Using Coloured Filters

Ever wondered how to use coloured filters for your black and white holga shots, and what effects they have? I have the answer for you


Doubling your Fun with Double Exposures: Master the Technique

Double exposures can create an alternate perception of reality and truly unique results. You can get amazing doubles simply by chance, but you might increase your chances of getting truly satisfying results if you plan a little bit in advance. I'll leave you with my tips for successfully creating double exposures, just after the jump!

A Guide to Steel Wool Lightpainting

Ever wanted to cause some mischief in the night? In this tipster, I'll explain the do's and don'ts of steel wool lightpainting, so you can go out and create some pretty cool photos, and feel like a total badass while doing so.

Long Exposure Any Time of Day

Are you addicted to long exposure shots? don't limit yourself only to night time. This guide will show you what you need to take those blurry motion pictures even on bright day.

Pinhole Rocket: Making a Film Box Panoramic Pinhole Camera

Updating my previous tipster, I'm going to show you how to turn an otherwise useless film box into a super wide panoramic camera! With exposed sprockets too?!! Go grab a film box now!!!

Basic Nature Photography Tips

Spring is one of the best seasons to head outdoors and look for beautiful sceneries to capture on film. Today, I bring you some of my personal tips when trying out nature photography, and hopefully, it can help you take better photos whatever the season or condition you have at the moment!

Stop Throwing Away Your Pictures! How to Reclaim Your Negatives with Fuji 100C and 3000B Pack Film

Keeping our world clean is sometimes a challenge, especially when it comes to photography (film containers, photo chemicals etc.), but Lomography member chocochipcookie shows you how you can double your picture count and keep that negative out of a landfill!