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DIY Analogue Poetry

This tipster is something for the ages. This takes dedication to an analogue idea to a whole new level. Curious already? Check it out after the jump!

Make Super B-I-G Negatives Without a Darkroom

Learn the easy way to make huge, supersized negatives without any darkroom equipment! Think I'm kidding? Nope! This is a great summer activity that also helps to recycle old magazines. Once you learn the basic skills and purchase a pack of inexpensive solar “blue” print paper, you'll be singing about the BIG negative blues.


Let's 'Cook' the Film: The Recipe of Film Soup!

The idea of film soup, is to allow the film to have chemical interaction with the 'soup', and produce the unexpectedly extraordinary effect for your Lomographs. Since the first film soup ever been 'served', every Lomographer has eagerly recorded down their own recipe and review. In this article, I would like to share my experience with my own secret recipe!

I love the spring!
I love the spring!

Making an Instant Camera from Popsicle Sticks

If you've got quite the sweet tooth like me and love instant photography as well, here's a project you can do that covers the best of both worlds!


Lomo Espionage & Photo Taking Etiquette

How this mild mannered, middle-aged woman, strikes fear into the hearts of good people everywhere by wielding a lomo camera.

the grand hotel

How to Take Close-Up Shots With Your Lubitel 166+ That are IN FOCUS!

As great as the Lubitel 166+ is, there is one major disadvantage: the minimum focusing distance. While 80cm is close enough at most occasions, sometimes I would like to get closer. The easy solution to this is using close up filters, but most people who use use them end up guessing the correct focusing distance. From now on, you no longer have to guesstimate, but you can actually focus your image using your viewing lens! Read on and find out how.

How to Make a Fully Functional 110 Film Developing Reel

Just last week I placed a bid on a lovely camera: a Pentax Auto 110. This small but very well built camera is the cutest and tiniest SLR I have ever seen. When I won the auction I started preparing for its arrival: buy some batteries, order some film, find a developing reel... And that's where I ran into trouble! As hard as I tried, I couldn't find a reel to develop 110 film, anywhere! So I had to pull up my sleeves and get dirty.

Doubles with bebopbebop Bangdung/San Francisco
Doubles with bebopbebop Bangdung/San Francisco
Doubles with bebopbebop Bangdung/San Francisco
Doubles with bebopbebop Bangdung/San Francisco
Revisited pinholes from 2011
test roll great wall camera

Perfectly Exposed, No Batteries Required

No exposure meter, no batteries, no problem; make perfectly exposed photos with this handy DIY exposure calculator.

First roll of tungsten
My Lubitel loves Portraits