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Beautiful Portraits Taken Using the Lubitel 166+

Medium format films are revered for the crisp details and clarity yielded by their photos, which are best achieved using cameras with glass lens and flexible controls. Among our fellow lomographers' favorite for portraiture is the Lubitel 166+, the waist-level wonder with a Russian heritage!

Top 5 Films Perfect For Portraits

Photographers just love to shoot people and, depending on one's style and shooting preferences, most have a choice go-to film brand when an assignment calls for portraits. From color negatives to slides to black & whites, there's a perfect portraiture emulsion available at the Online Shop just for you!

Red-O-Lutionary: Redscale Has Never Been Easier!

Making your own redscale film always requires a lot of time and a darkroom. Frightful for Lomographers like me who want to point-and-shoot and let the lab handle the rest. But I found a solution that makes creating 35mm redscale film possible for everybody in just a minute!

Smena 8M Redscale Excellence!

The quick and easy way to load your Smena 8m with redscale film, or any camera with a removable take up spool!

LC-Wide Mix
LC-Wide Mix
Lomochrome Purple XR
Lomochrome Purple XR
Lomochrome Purple XR

Kodak Portra 160VC: Good Reel at Low Cost!

Today, I will speak from my own experience, although not much left me with incredible sensations!

Expired Fujifilm RMS 100/1000: A Rare Gem with Good Features

Today I will tell you about a rare film, hard to find in these parts and with some very good features. It is the Fujifilm RMS 100/1000. But what does it offer? Go on and read!

Moulin de Leers.

Optic Matters: Choosing Lenses for Portraiture

Ask any professional or intermediate-level photographer about taking the best portraits and you will be told that good portraiture starts with choosing the right lens. So, which is it?


The WOCA 120G is a discontinued glass lens Holga. It is similar to the Holga 120S in every way except that it has a very inexpensive glass lens. In theory the glass lens should make the images slightly sharper, at least in the middle. Like the original Holga 120S, the WOCA has only one shutter speed, (approximately 1/100th) and only one f/stop at roughly f/8. It uses 120 film and can be adapted, like any other Holga, to shoot 35mm film. Some Holga enthusists shudder (or is that shutter?) at the idea of a glass lens. Yet, at the same time, it is closer to original Holga than the current 120N model, or any of its variants.


Freelensing Frenzy

Let me introduce you to the wonderful world of freelensing. Freelensing is a technique where you hold the lens of your SLR loosely in front of the camera when taking a picture. The result? Selective focus and a dreamy look.

Macro-Land: Playing with Light

One of the great advantages of the macro lens is how you can manipulate focus. But that doesn't mean your target object always has to be in focus!