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巨石を貫く sticks & stones
夜の訪問者 street skater
道を彩る flower power
天国の薔薇 heavenly roses
Band W with Yellow #2
summer , sun & white sprockets :-)
There and back again

Redscale Rocket

Here's one more feature to add to the awesomeness of the Sprocket Rocket - dead simple redscale shots.

Last Days...

Endless Panoramas With the La Sardina

Here I will demonstrate how to do endless panoramas with the La Sardina. It's not as straight-forward as you'd think. More after the break.

Sprocket Rocket Close Ups

Too easy to be true: Use your Sprocket Rocket with Diana Close Up Lens

Sprocket Rocket & Ferrania Solaris 100
Furst run of the LomoChrome Purple

Lomochrome Purple 400: Purple Perfect

When pre-orders for Lomography's new Lomochrome Purple film opened back in February, I didn't hesitate a second to jump in. And after 6 months eagerly awaiting its arrival, it finally arrived! The sample pics that were used to advertise this new film were amazing images, with strong purple tones and impressive color twists. Would the real thing live up to the expectations? Spoiler alert: I wish I had ordered more!

The Wet Plate Collodion Process by Quinn Jacobson

Are you still in the dark about what wet plate collodion is? Know all about this awesome process in less than 5 minutes with this educational video!

red poppy
red poppy

SAY CHEESE!: Tips on Photographing Children

We have all wanted to take adorable pictures of the children in our lives. Your little brother or sister, niece, nephew, or even your own children. Even though they are always as cute as ever, it’s not that easy to capture it on film.


Beautiful Portraits Taken Using the Lubitel 166+

Medium format films are revered for the crisp details and clarity yielded by their photos, which are best achieved using cameras with glass lens and flexible controls. Among our fellow lomographers' favorite for portraiture is the Lubitel 166+, the waist-level wonder with a Russian heritage!

Top 5 Films Perfect For Portraits

Photographers just love to shoot people and, depending on one's style and shooting preferences, most have a choice go-to film brand when an assignment calls for portraits. From color negatives to slides to black & whites, there's a perfect portraiture emulsion available at the Online Shop just for you!

Red-O-Lutionary: Redscale Has Never Been Easier!

Making your own redscale film always requires a lot of time and a darkroom. Frightful for Lomographers like me who want to point-and-shoot and let the lab handle the rest. But I found a solution that makes creating 35mm redscale film possible for everybody in just a minute!

Smena 8M Redscale Excellence!

The quick and easy way to load your Smena 8m with redscale film, or any camera with a removable take up spool!