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Test Shots from My Brand New Seagull!

A 10 Step Guide to Understanding and Utilising Pattern

Patterns surround us in both natural and manmade forms, offering photographers great opportunities for dramatic and eye catching shots. But how do we best utilise pattern in our work? Today we’ll be taking a look at several different examples to better understand pattern in photographic composition.

The Artistic Way to Light Up the Night by the Bay

Singapore’s iconic waterfront, Marina Bay, is often used as a site for events and exhibitions so when Asia’s second open air light art festival was held at Marina Bay and was open to the public, I popped by for a look.

Test Shots from My Brand New Seagull!

The Story Behind ‘Keep Calm and Carry On’

You’ve seen these words on shirts, coffee mugs, posters, pins, and even oven mitts! Find out the story behind ‘Keep Calm and Carry On’.

The Answer to a Broken Lever on Your Sprocket Rocket

I just bought a new Sprocket Rocket and was wondering if the lever for setting N or B is faulty. Here's what I found out.

Storing Expired Film

A lot of photographers are using expired film, just because is fun and results are unpredictable. Here are a couple of toughts about storing expired film and letting it expire as it should be.

Make the Best Out of Your Expired Films

When I started Lomography back in 2007, people always told me that using expired films is very cool and the results are very good too! After that, my adventure for searching expired films began.

How to Use Expired Film

Why does a film expire? What's the difference between expired film and fresh film? You'll find the answers to these questions and more in this Tipster!

Why Nighttime Scenes are Fun

What constitutes nighttime. Well, anything after dusk, when the sun isn't peeking out from behind any building, when it's on its way to the other hemisphere. For night creatures, a category into which some humans fall, it's a fun, exciting time to be out and shooting photos!

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Lomography CN 800: Perfect for Night Photography

I hadn't used the Lomography CN 800 ISO (35mm) very much until recently. In Barcelona, I loaded it in my LC-A+ to use it mostly for night shots and long exposures. This turned out to be a great partnership and I was thrilled with the results.

Nighttime Shooting with the LC-A+

The Lomo LC-A is a compact and reliable camera that you can use during the day or night. Let’s take a look at some tips that will help you make the most out of your LC-A when you shoot during the nighttime.

Portraits of Strangers: To Ask Or Not To Ask, That Is The Question

It's not always easy to take a photo of a stranger. It needs courage and politeness. Or sometimes it just needs pure cheek. This is how I got the shots and why I took them in the first place. Six strangers and a few dogs, here are a few of my favourite stranger portraits, taken on a variety of film cameras.

The Lomography Win Your Wishlist

Are you desiring something so badly in our Online Shop? Is it the LomoKino? The LC-Wide perhaps? A La Sardina sounds pretty neat, too!

Hungry Go Singapore Rumble!

Hungry go where? Go Singapore, lah! Singapore is world famous for her street food -- the chicken rice, the char kway teow, the durian... the list goes on forever. We're challenging you to capture the best of Singapore cuisine and enter the ranks of the best of Lomography!

Secondhand Love Affair: Double Love Affair with Olympus

It isn't easy to find a secondhand camera for sale in Reykjavik. I got lucky twice. Both times in local flea market. I proudly present you my two lovers: experienced Olympus OM-10 and handsome Olympus LT-1.

Portrait Photography Tips: Snapping Perfect Portraits

Any fellow Lomographer must have taken a portrait photo before, right? Well, if you haven't, these are a few tips to help you succeed. During any time and any place, let the snapping of perfect portraits begin!

Old's Cool Old School: Vintage Diana Cameras

Check out this super sweet collection of vintage Diana cameras! We found 35 retro reincarnations of the medium-format plastic camera from the '60s and '70s so we're sharing the treasure trove with you. Time to scout your own attic for one, or buy a brandspankin' new Diana F+ from our Lomography Shop!

CameraSim: A Handy Simulator to Help You Perfect Your Exposure

Have you ever had this thing where you plan for a photoshoot somewhere, but suddenly the weather changes and you have no idea what settings to use now with the equipment you have? Or did you ever ask yourself if you'd need a flash or a tripod with ISO100 film while being indoors? Well this handy simulator will answer all your questions for a perfect exposure!

Reviews on Rewind: LC-A Cameras

With the advent of the iconic LC-A camera's glorious 28 years, it is only but proper for us to have a dedicated Reviews on Rewind installment. Join us as we look back at some inputs from the community who has grown to love the LC-A cameras through the years!

A Lomographer's Dream Car

How many cameras does it take to cover a van? No, this is not a trick question involving calculating the surface area of a van and then dividing it by the shape and size of an average camera. After the jump, read about a man who did this and how many cameras he ended up using.

Nikon F80: An Awesome Camera with Unlimited Possibilities

There are many wonderful cameras out there and some can do amazing stuff, but usually they can do only this or that. With the Nikon F80 you can do everything you can imagine, have fun and work like a pro! All in the same camera!

Back to Basics: Film Speed

Getting blurry shots when you shoot inside? Night shots all browny looking or washed out? Got no detail in clouds or snow or on beaches? Get the right film for the job.

Protect Your Film from X-Ray Damage During Air Travel

Traveling by air with film is an adventure in and of itself, but well worth it. You will need to prepare for your trip though. This article offers tips for a successful photo expedition; most importantly, getting to your destination and back without x-ray damage to your film.

Holey Hats

Here's a fun idea for easy bokeh! Dust off that hat and take it out for a lomowalk.

My Sprocket Rocket is Ready to Take Off!

My orange Sprocket Rocket never leaves me, it always has a place of its own in my bag. Whenever I chance upon something unique, it will come to my rescu, to capture my favorite moment in film. I was excited when I first received my funky orange Sprocket Rocket last October, and now I am even more excited to share with you my experience with shooting with the amazing camera upon receiving my first roll of film.

Forget Pirates, It's Lego Realism!

Painting the walls, taking out the trash, scrubbing grease off a skillet...how mundane! These very real, everyday, activities are the subjects Lego builder, Bruce Lowell, represents in his marvelous sculptures! Forget pirate ships and dinosaurs and step into a world of fantasy that's a little closer to reality.

Taking Back Tipsters: Double Exposures

For this new series, we’ll be taking a look back at some of the best Tipster articles. We scoured our archives and found some cool double-exposure techniques that you might want to try out on your next roll of film. Read on!

Vintage Photographs Transformed Into Collectible Character Cards

Artist Alex Gross gives these vintage 19th Century cabinet photos a twist by painting over and transforming them into colorful portraits of pop culture characters. Read more after the jump.

Using Lomography Redscale XR With Cameras That Can't Rate ISO

Some of the lomographers might have experienced this: they got these really intense red photos from the Lomography Redscale XR when shooting with their Holga or Diana. Some of them like it, but what to do with those who don't? Read on to learn how to get vintage-looking photos from this film with cameras that can't rate ISO.

La Sardina vs. Vivitar Ultra Wide and Slim (Part 1)

I did a side-by-side comparison of La Sardina with Vivitar Ultra Wide & Slim, and discovered some very interesting things. This is the first installment of a two-part review.

Kodak Elitechrome EBX XPro: The Essence of Lomography

When asked what's special about Lomography, one of the first things that comes to mind is cross processing. The EBX is a staple for X-pro!

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