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I’ll start with an intro. My name is Gabriel Velasco. (Some people might recognize me by my flickr handle – Gimel Vav.) My dad was born in Mexico. My mom was born in the United States (Texas). I was born in Texas too, but we moved to California when I was very young and that’s where I was raised. My job has brought me back to Texas, so things have come full circle. I’m 51 years old, so I guess that makes me somewhat “mature” for a lomographer, but I like to think lomography keeps me young.

I started my lomographic journey with a Lomography Colorsplash camera that I still love, but it’s currently disassembled awaiting some cool mods. Since then, I’ve acquired a Fisheye No. 2, a Pop 9, an ActionSampler Flash, a Smena 35, an LC-A+, a Diana Flash+ (with all the accessories), a Holga 120WPC, a Holga 135, a Diana MINI, and my latest lomographic acquisition – a SuperSampler. I’ve also picked up various other random toy cameras and started building up my Canon EOS film camera kit which I had stopped using for several years. My next lomographic purchase will most likely be a Sprocket Rocket which has many of the features in which I’m interested.

My daytime job probably isn’t very interesting to most people, but I like it. In fact I feel quite blessed to have it. I work in a marketing organization for the software division of IBM. I started with IBM as a software engineer. Now, I do more data modeling and reporting using a product called Cognos. When I come home, I spend a lot of my free time scanning, processing, and posting my lomographs.

I’m not an analogue purist. I do whatever I need to do to my pictures to make them look the way I was imagining they would look when I took the shot. I don’t generally tweak the colors or fake any lomographic effects, but I freely do the things I could do in a wet lab anyway – cropping, straightening, adjusting contrast, adjusting brightness, etc.

I plan to use this blog strictly for my lomographic activities. So, I’ll start with my current projects. Currently I have three things going on. My most recent Lomography.com purchase was a Supersampler. I’ve held off getting one of those because I generally don’t like cameras without a flash. I just feel too constrained. Still, this camera was just too cool, so I got one. I’m processing pictures to review it soon. Here’s one shot I’ve taken with it so far:

크레딧: gvelasco

Here’s a stitch of another shot I took:

크레딧: gvelasco

I’m also working on a review of the Holga 120WPC which I will be submitting soon. Love this camera. Here are a couple of shots that I’ve processed so far:

크레딧: gvelasco
크레딧: gvelasco

I’ll also be writing a review on the Smena 35 soon. Here’s one of my most recent Smena 35 pics. It’s a one hour long exposure in a fairly dark room. I used the “B” setting and locked the shutter open with the shutter release.

크레딧: gvelasco

Finally, I’m also working on a review of Fuji Pan 1600 ASA film shot at 3200. I’ll be picking up those pics tomorrow, so I don’t have anything to post yet.

Hope you keep tuned in.

Love & Lomo

written by gvelasco on 2010-11-04