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Thousands of Photographs by Argentinian Photographer Allegedly 'Thrown Away' by Le Monde

The web has recently been abuzz over the news of Argentinian photographer Daniel Mordzinski losing the negatives and slides of thousands of his photographs after they were trashed by French newspaper Le Monde. Find out more about this sad story after the jump.

Surreal Recreations of Dream by Ronen Goldman

"Do you remember what have you dreamed about?" If you could just remember what has happened in your dream, it may become the interesting element for your photographs!

Lessons from Andy Warhol

Since we are celebrating the life and work of renowned artist Andy Warhol, it is only proper for us to bring you some words of wisdom from the Pop art icon himself: quotes, that through the years, have given us a glimpse of his view on life, relationships, art, and many other things. Read on and see if Warhol's words do inspire you!

The Sartorialist Presents: The McCurry Interview (Part 1)

Scott Schuman, the photographer behind the successful fashion blog, The Sartorialist, interviews legendary photographer Steve McCurry as part one of a five-part series.

Mostrar movimiento
.Splitting a Roll.
Deporte con barrido o panning
.Midsummer's Day Dream.
.Oh, how I love you.
Lomo Sign.
First try with the Diana F+ Pinhole Setting.

Diana F+ Lens Adaptor: Give Your Powerful SLR a Taste of Lo-Fi Goodness

Use the Diana F+ lens adaptor to create dreamy lo-fi images using powerful SLRs.

Old San Juan Graveyard - Death By the Sea

I decided to make a location of one of the most important graveyards in Puerto Rico - the Santa María Magdalena Graveyard. Though it never even occurred to me that by being so close to death, it would take the life of my precious Diana F+.

Painting with light and the Diana F+ Instant Back

Lightpainting is great fun and easy if you follow some guidelines, here is a quick how-to.

Fireworks All Day, Every Day

4th of July is coming up, and it's going to be an explosive day of color and sparkles! We all love fireworks shows, but here's something new and exciting to try: Create your very own fireworks show in bright daylight. Every day can have a fireworks display with this Tipster from Elena Kulikova!

Commitment To Sparkle Motion: Sparkler Portraits and Light Painting

Twice a year we have the ability to stock up on sticks that twinkle when we light them on fire. Sparklers have a color you can't replicate. Here we will talk about how to use sparklers for lighting portraits and light painting. From common mistakes to best practices, let's lock in your commitment to Sparkle Motion!

A Short DO's and DON'Ts for Ultra Wide Angles

Here's a list of what you should do and should not do when working with an Ultra Wide Angle lens. With these tips and tricks, you will be on your right track in producing fun and interesting photos! Enjoy!

Pushing, Pulling, Cross-processing – What?

Certainly you have already heard of pushing, pulling and cross-processing. But what exactly is it? And how does it work? In this tipster I want to present you different ways of developing films.

How to Get Flowers Out of Fireworks: A Nighttime Photography Technique

What is a photographer to do at a Firework Show? What about finding new ways to use his camera, and take beautiful and unexpected images of flowers in the night sky. Find out how photographer David Johnson did it.

Enjoy Lomography even more with Lomography Splitzer!

Have you ever used Lomography Splitzer? I use it all the time! Depending on how you use it, you can get great results with your analog photography! I will introduce some of techniques on how to use it!

Multiple Exposures with Flowers!

The Multiple Exposure (MX) technique is one method to create some of the most unique photos know to Lomographers! We all love MX, but what are the techniques? Flowers are my favorite subject for MX. I often mix them with landscapes, old factories, trees and so on. Now, let's take a look at how we can create those wonderful images!

Thanks to a Size Error: The Fateful Frame Mask of Diana.

You forget to put the mask frame and set the frame counter on 16 shots. You are convinced that you had immortalized the landscape. Look at the pictures and do not know why they seem like Dalì's puzzles. Well, you forgot the mask frame home.

Basics Applied: The Diana F+

From Back to Basics where we looked at the science behind photography, here we apply it to specific cameras. This month, why getting the right film for your Diana F+ can make the big difference between good and bad results.

Shooting at the Beach, my Favorite Tips

Shooting at the beach can be a challenge. I will share some of my secrets I use for fixed, pinhole and full manual cameras.


A meticulous technique, learn to make such microclics after the jump!

Taking Back Tipsters: Photographing Fireworks

Few more days left before we bid 2012 farewell and welcome the coming year with a bang! Are you ready to photograph the night sky ablaze with fireworks this coming New Year's Eve? Don't worry, we come to your rescue with a Taking Back Tipsters installment on photographing fireworks!

Long Exposures and Lomography: Shooting Light Trails in Hong Kong

Use your Holga or Diana F to shoot light trails; Learning the ins and outs of long exposure photography in Hong Kong.