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A homage to Lakandula and his photographic genius

Photo by lakandula

Around four years ago, I discovered lomography by way of the Diana Mini camera and the invitation in the booklet to post photos to this site called Lomography. What I did was not to post photos right off bat but to check photos on the site.
One lomographer that really got me inspired was lakandula. I was totally in awe when I saw his work. The colors, the mixtures, the subjects, the energy, the experiments, the passion, the life…..His work was out of this world, something I haven’t seen before. The pop of colors were magnificent! His doubles/triples work with the supersampler was just phenomenal. His self portraits are so original, colorful and unpretentious. His colorful street scenes and festival scenes are some of the best I’ve seen here in the site. Sometimes I feel like he is doing somewhat a social commentary about the Philippines but most of the time I think he just loved to shoot. Shooting whatever interested him. That is pure passion for the craft.
We would message each other before. He was always nice to me and would always tell me how I am doing a nice job by taking a lot of photographs. He was always encouraging and humble . I dreamt of shooting with him when I visit the motherland again. Maybe he can teach me tricks on shooting those magical doubles/triples which I am somewhat afraid to even try. But sad to say, that lomowalk will never happen.
And though my style of shooting evolved differently, I still look up to lakandula for inspiration at times. His later works would make me wonder “How did he do that?” or “How did he even think of that?”. I was always in awe.
That despite the crazy consumerism happening here in lomography ( who needs all those la sardina cameras by the way? and those new piggy rules) , I stay on and will continue to stay on because of the community and people like lakandula who loves and are passionate about the craft of analogue photography.
His passing away is such sad news. Marisa (b0rn2b1ush) woke me up today with this news. At first I thought it was a bad dream. I am still so shocked. Lakan will be missed. Lomography will never be the same again without him.
I will quote what Marisa said earlier…“I’m sure he is shooting doubles with the greats and legends who preceded him in heaven”….

I’m sure of that. Rest in Peace dear lakandula.

Here are some photos that I picked in the last 5 hours from lakandula’s home. It was hard going through the thousands and thousands of lomographs in his lomohome. And harder more was choosing what to post here. I know I missed a lot of great ones so I plan to do a feature of his festivals work later. These are mostly random works of the great lakandula.

Some of his fun, colorful, creative, unpretentious self portraits. The first one in the set and some similar to it are his later self portraits which are somewhat of a collage/mache of him and some world landmarks. Super creative.

Some of his doubles/triples work with different cameras. Just genius work I think. I will miss his homage to different artists, Hollywood greats, fashion, movies, etc.

I also love the photos he took of his niece Ayana. Very creative lomographs and he even did a series of her for the Prophecies competition. Here are some photos of Ayana…

I also love his street work and portraits of people in the street, strangers, friends. Sometimes there is a story or a commentary about Philippine society. But mostly I think he just wanted to shoot what he sees, what surrounds him, the life around him. And that is street shooting at it’s core.

Thank you for these beautiful images. Thank you for sharing all these with us. We will miss you.
Rest in Peace Lakan.

written by grazie


  1. lawypop


    This is indeed a sad news for the lomography community :(
    Lakan's work has always been an inspiration to me!
    He will be greatly and deeply missed!
    Rest in Peace my dear friend.

    6 months ago · report as spam
  2. clickiemcpete


    Oh no, tell me it isn't so! I loved his stuff. Very sad...

    6 months ago · report as spam
  3. mafiosa


    <3 Awesome tribute @grazie. I am sure it was difficult picking just a few of lakandula's amazing photos from his vast collection. He will indeed be missed.

    6 months ago · report as spam
  4. sushi_9009


    i know him only from his artworks and i remember that i wanted to ask him for sending some of his moviedoubles to @lomovies and unfortunately i forgot about and now i cannot ask him anymore ... R.I.P. and all the best for his family and his friends ... really sad day for our community :((

    6 months ago · report as spam
  5. poepel


    What!? Really sad news. Rest in peace @lakandula

    6 months ago · report as spam
  6. sirio174


    Great tribute. Sad new. Rest in peace dear lomofriend. An huge hug

    6 months ago · report as spam
  7. emkei


    R.I.P. Lakan!

    6 months ago · report as spam
  8. bloomchen


    this is really a sad day for our lomo-community. he was a rebel of shooting trying things no one else did. a diplomat of analogue shooting when you look at his doubles and triples. i´m pretty much shocked and honestly have to swipe away a tear even though i never was in touch with him directly. it´s a more a deep bond.

    6 months ago · report as spam
  9. jcgepte


    @grazie This is a nice tribute to @lakandula. He will truly be missed by the Lomography community.

    6 months ago · report as spam
  10. boobert


    Nice tribute Grazie. after looking through Lakan's work, im more convince to stay on this community. True, a lot of us got pissed off with what's going on with lomography, but it's what you said about the passion and the love (like what Lakan have shared with us all) that is foremost important . RIP Lakan, Lomo On!

    6 months ago · report as spam
  11. boredbone


    your photos says it's not the destination but the amazing, magical lomographic trip you had.
    Rest in peace my lomo friend. naunahan mo lang ako :(

    6 months ago · report as spam
  12. atria007


    =((( sure he like this tribute =) lakan!

    6 months ago · report as spam
  13. appelmoes


    very sad news... we will miss him. what happend?

    6 months ago · report as spam
  14. ohlordy


    Rest in peace Lakan x

    6 months ago · report as spam
  15. tere


    @grazie nice tribute...
    very sad news... rest in peace great lomo-friend :(

    6 months ago · report as spam
  16. vici


    so nice of you to put this together @grazie. Many great photos here…

    6 months ago · report as spam
  17. yokekei


    We will miss him

    6 months ago · report as spam
  18. kangiha


    lovely tribute, thanks for pulling these together, wonderful photographs

    6 months ago · report as spam
  19. emperornorton


    I never knew him but he sounds extraordinary. May we know him still through our oneness with the Universe. As for the La Sardina cameras -- I like mine! Though I must admit my favorites are my non-Lomography N8008 and my Bronica ETRS.

    6 months ago · report as spam
  20. adi_totp


    after reading this, I'm sad again.. He is definitely my inspiration. My guru since my newbie days. RIP my friend.

    6 months ago · report as spam
  21. conben


    Rest in Peace my friend.

    6 months ago · report as spam
  22. ripsta


    R.I.P lakan

    5 months ago · report as spam
  23. palkina


    my inspiration...........................

    5 months ago · report as spam