Because easy is no fun .....

I openly admit that I have more than a few Lomography camera’s and while I like each one for different reason, my favourite camera is the Lomography Dina F+ which I have the black jack edition. The reason that I love this camera and the film (120 medium format) is for rather weird reasons. I find it easier to get ‘better’ shots with every other camera that I have (LC+Wide, La Sardina etc) and find it really hard to get good shots with the Diana F+ because it really does take some effort to get the settings right, including the amount of light, the right amount of time to hold the shutter down etc.

But thats the thing. If you look at all the shots that I have taken with my Diana f+ most of them are rubbish, underexposed, blurred etc. However I am very slowly learning to understand the camera and the film and am starting to take some good shots ! And thats why I like my Diana F+, it takes effort but its worth it.

This current set where taken during the recent snow period in London where I basically walked around London taking shots.

Onto the photos …..

Credits: gotsnarky

written by gotsnarky on 2013-02-06