Lomography London Soho Store Diana F+ Workshop January 2013


I went to the Diana F+ workshop at the London Soho Lomography store and today got back the photos from the lab. The workshop was hosted by the awesome Rose and was really fun. I learned allot about the Diana F+ and then went out to take a bunch of photos and meet some really cool people. I would also recommend anyone to get down to their local Lomography store and take a workshop and bring the staff some cake.

Now on to the photos. Yes allot of them are not great but that’s kinda the point. By looking at the photos and remembering the setting I actually learn something about the camera and hopefully will be able to take better photos in the future and this is what is at the heart (for me at least) of why I am so into Lomography.

Unlike digital photography where you get instant feedback and tend to forget about the mistakes you make, with analog cameras they are made real and you have to live with them and hopefully learn from them. That’s also why I really like the Diana F+ camera. For me you have to work hard to get good shots but when you do its worth it. On to the photos …

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written by gotsnarky on 2013-01-16


  1. potatoe
    potatoe ·

    By the time I discovered there was a workshop sadly it was full, but I am hoping to get to the next one. Just waiting for the date to be posted. I really need help..... glad you had fun

  2. gotsnarky
    gotsnarky ·

    it was allot of fun :-) I think the next workshop is the keno workshop (www.lomography.com/magazine/events/2012/12/26/january-works…) which should be fun. I don't own a keno but it looks cool.