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Refreshing and Soft Subtle Shots Taken with Efiniti Uxi Super 200

You can find many films online or in the market that produces uniquely soft, muted tones, but to personally reproduce such desirable effect is not easy and doesn't turn out the way it seems. This is actually normal. Read this tipster to learn how you can achieve this effect.

They Call Me The Filmdestroyer

They call me The Filmdestroyer. Maybe they are right. To take care of my rolls of film is something that haven't been doing for a while. I know that they haven't done anything to me and always have treated me good but I just try to distract them.

Make Your Own Color Filter!

Would you also like photos with amazing red, green, blue and yellow shades? You can easily make ones to put behind and in front of your lens on your own!

MX Your Bokeh with Circular Light Dots!

You must be familiar with circular, heart shaped, and even star shaped bokeh! Combining these bokeh with multiple exposures create another type of dreamy feel! Learn how you can do it in this tipster.

Bicycle Travel Ideas with Clamp-Tripod

Looking for a fun way to capture your travels this Summer? Check out a super simple idea after the jump!

Playing with Color: Developing Color Film at Home

It’s time to bust the myth wide open that developing color film at home is hard to do. The truth is that it's easy, cheap and immensely rewarding. Check out my video tutorial for everything you need to know.

Playing With Color: Cross Processing

Color negative films can give you interesting effects, but when you truly want to play with color, cross processing is the only way to go.

Make a DIY Orange-Filter Using a Negative Strip for your LC-A

Tired of bog-standard photos from color negatives? Do you want a new retro-look for your pictures? No worries, here’s some help! This tipster will guide you how to craft your own orange-filter for your LC-A.

Create Your Own 120 Film from 35mm Films

in this article i will show you how to make 35mm film became and fit to 120mm film. this is my first time doing this and the result going well. im using Holga WPC for this experiment which is this is a pinhole camera

How to Achieve Perfect Silhouette Doubles

Lomographers from all over the world love doing doubles but have you tried silhouette doubles? All you need is your favorite camera, some sun, and a bit of imagination. Read on to find out how to create perfect silhouette doubles every time even if your camera doesn’t have an MX button, like the Polaroid Spectra.

Destroying Film to Play with Color

I have recently completed my first film destroy mission and have been amazed at the beautiful warped colours it has produced! The best way to play with colours is to use the unexpected. So why not add a bit of excitement to your pictures and take a risk? Read on to find our more about my film destroyer which produced psychedelic results!

Using 35mm Film in a Brownie 127 to Get Exposed Sprockets

After writing a review recently about my Brownie 127, which I use with 35mm film to get exposed sprocket holes, a few people messaged me to ask how to load it up. It is a very very easy process that I will explain below.

fashion shoot

Playing with Color: Imitating Revolog Kolor Film

I have always wanted to try Revolog Kolor Film, but for the mean time, I tried out a DIY substite.

The Most Beautiful Subway Stops in the World - Formosa Boulevard Station