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24: The winter, that acted like a summer

Quick Tips for Street Photography with Lomo LC-A+

Never taken your Lomo LC-A+ out for some serious street photography work? Arm yourself with these quick tips and be on your way to mastering the art of shooting away out in the streets!

with my Holga on Samos

An Analogue Roadtrip to the Petzval Museum in Spišská Belá, Slovakia

Once we heard that just a few hours away from Vienna in a small town called Spišská Belá exists a Joseph Petzval Museum, we knew we had to pack our cameras and hit the road.

Ektar 100
Manchester Waterways - Double Exposures
Testing Hipercat 400
Fisheye Works 03.02.2014
EMD GT 22 Locomotive
Konica Pop - Txaranga
dream combination

Promenading Through Buenos Aires

I was one of the last few people I know to surrender to Buenos Aires. In the beginning of March I decided to benefit from the fact that I had two friends studying there and convinced my mother to take this journey with me.

Buenos Aires

Lomopedia: Fujica G690

Another impressive analogue beauty from Fujifilm, the Fujica G690 was the Japanese camera company's first medium format rangefinder camera introduced in 1968. Find out more about this landmark rangefinder camera from Fuji in this installment of Lomopedia!

pretty and funny friend :)
Primeira tentativa de film swap
First Instax Mini Pics
Tulips and Daffodils in my garden
Walk around Weinmeisterstraße in Berlin Mitte
Walk at Sacrower Park

Quick Tips on Taking Photos During Festivals

Going to festivals is tons of fun, whether you’re going to a cultural one or a rock fest. Every moment is excitement, unfolding, every scene is for you to behold. Taking pictures during such events is a must lest you want those memories gone with the wind and lost forever.