Hacking the Competition

Yeah maybe this competition shouldn’t be taken so seriously but while there may be some other ways for encouraging people to create and share, why this? It just leaves some people who need piggies no choice but click on a button a thosand times. For the ones that enjoy it there is nothing to say of course, just keep going. Yet I think activities should pave the way for new lomographers to try new techniques and old ones to share their experiences. Tips section is really good for that. Competitions must firstly generate excitement about creating. This “pick one photo and write a blog about it” thing was a good idea too. Because after pressing the shutter button and devoloping the film, it turnes into something special and means more than a material and we should express our appreciation if we like it, comment on it, ciriticize it in a positive way and so on. I’m kinda new both in this site and the lomography/analogue photography world and I fell in love with the experimental pieces of art here. I’ll try to get going with different films and cams then push the limits and see what I’m able to do.

Credits: anathea

anathea is one of my favourite lomographers. This is because he mixes all the cool techniques successfully and above all uses color filters stunningly. As a person whose favourite color is rainbow (yeah you got that right) and who is into psychedelia, I adore array of bright colors and trippy touches on photos. I like this new york landscape with all these rectangular blocks, skyscrapers, high towers in different colors and this indigo blue sea under the pale blue sky with green marks in. And pink is a must-have in the groovy psych style. three people seem to have liked it (guess who’s one of them) but anyway it stirs me!

written by gizmonox on 2012-08-25