My First Holga Shots


I love photography. I am not the first person to think that there’s just something very fascinating about it. Ever since I could remember I have always been interested and enthralled by it. I love the science behind it and even more in love with the beauty and art it produce.

I like the convenience and easy access of a DSLR, but I am in love with the complexity and unpredictability of film photography. I love using toy cameras for the blurry, soft tones(depends on the film) and dream-like quality of it. Sure you can do that with Photoshop nowadays, but I like it authentic. Plus, I like that satisfying, snapping/clicking sound my Holga 120GN makes when I advance the film knob and when I press down on that shutter. And I love the beauty of vintage cameras.

So the first 3 rolls of film I used in 2012 during my vacation in the Netherlands arrived today. That was the first time that I actually used my Holga after gathering dust on my bookshelf for 2 years. I admit I was hesitant and scared to screw up the films I have. After-all, the downside of using film is that you have limited attempts to take a photo. And of course, you want to make every shot count. And in this case one must be a risk-taker and just push that shutter(just like in life). I was quite nervous and excited when I was about to see the photos on my computer. And just as expected there were a lot of mistakes and shots that didn’t work out, but I am satisfied with the few that did work out. Looking at the photos, I see my mistakes and take note of what I must do the next time, like the lighting, composition and distance. Though I was a little discouraged over my first experience with film photography, I will still continue to shoot film and practice. Practice. Practice. I love film photography too much to let this one bump in the road deter me.

So here it is, some of the photos that did quite decently on my first attempt. :-)

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written by gieankyle on 2014-04-22

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    Welcome to the community! Happy shooting.