Updates about my exhibit


SO. The first batch of film is done. I shot 6 subjects and I have three rolls with me so far, 1 for 100 ISO and 2 for 400 ISO.

I was planning to stick with 1 film brand (I used Fomapan 100 and it was the bomb) but considering that I get my Fomapan through ebay and I don’t want to wait for a month just to get my films… I decided to stick to a professional film. I figured that in as much as I want the color tone and the sharpness of Fomapan, it can still be an unstable and unpredictable film, and I don’t want that since I’m doing an exhibit.

Anyway it’s just another way of me saying I used Ilford 400 ISO (HP5).

The most exciting part is that I get to process and print all of the photos for that exhibit. :P I did the first roll inside the basement washroom and the frames were perfectly exposed. :D

I’ll processed the other two this week and they’ll be ready to go next weekend for printing. Yeah!

written by gelagoo on 2011-01-05

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    Goodluck sa exhibit!