I'm nominated!


So my photoblog, “What if no one’s watching?” is nominated as Best Photoblog for the 2010 Philippine Blog Awards.

No, I ain’t lying. :)

This is the third time I’ve been to the contest but this is the second time that I’ve made it to the finals (I made it last year). However I haven’t won. Ha ha.

Anyway, for very obvious reasons I cannot attend, but hopefully a friend will be able to come on my behalf. So what’s really exciting about this other than I got nominated as a finalist (which implies so many things)? I think I am the only photoblogger nominated who constantly posts analogue/film-based photos. It seems like everyone (though I am not quite sure, I haven’t checked all of them yet) is blogging using digital-based photos. Not that it’s bad. I just thought that it’s cool that I use both media. :)

Here are the finalists, do check them out! http://www.philippineblogawards.com.ph/2010/12/08/finalists-photoblog/

This is a bit late, but if you’re in the Philippines you can actually attend the awards night: http://www.philippineblogawards.com.ph/2010/12/03/hear-yea-hear-yea-an-invite-to-the-2010-philippine-blog-awards/

And of course, my blog: http://www.derpinsel.com/noone/


written by gelagoo on 2010-12-08


  1. thufflife
    thufflife ·

    Congrats, hope you win

  2. gelagoo
    gelagoo ·

    Thank you! :)