• Got film? Free Film!

    written by gelagoo on 2011-12-01

    In celebration of my YT channel, "camerajin", I'm giving away 10 assorted film rolls plus some other surprise goodies. Read more!

  • Analog Ambassador run-off finalist

    written by gelagoo on 2011-10-15
    Analog Ambassador run-off finalist

    I’ve been selected as one of the 5 finalists as an Analog Ambassador sponsored by Old-School Photo Lab!

  • Photography and Me

    written by gelagoo on 2011-08-26
    Photography and Me

    Photography started for me when I was 6 years old. I remember being scolded by my mother upon learning that I finished a new pack of Polaroid 600 to take photos of my toys. I was banned from using my parents’ cameras for a while.

  • Dream Date

    written by gelagoo on 2011-07-28
    Dream Date

    [先日発表された、250ユーロ贈呈企画、『ラッキーカップル、恋人の理想デート』に応募したいと思います。] In accordance to your recent announcement about awarding 250 Euros to a lucky couple who would declare their desire to have their dream date, let me state that I would like to be considered for this award.

  • A lomography-inspired Birthday Cake!

    written by gelagoo on 2011-06-04

    To celebrate my quarter of a century existence, I asked one of the best cake shops here in Winnipeg to make me an extra special birthday cake!

  • Exhibit? DONE!

    written by gelagoo on 2011-04-10

    Just sharing my experience during my exhibit's opening night.

  • Mukha: Faces of Young Filipinos in Winnipeg (An Exhibit)

    written by gelagoo on 2011-03-14
    Mukha: Faces of Young Filipinos in Winnipeg (An Exhibit)

    If you happen to pass by Winnipeg, please visit my exhibit!

  • Updates about my exhibit

    written by gelagoo on 2011-01-05

    Some boring stuff that you might want to check, but to pique your curiosity, I'm going analog on this one.

  • Lost in Pixels

    written by gelagoo on 2010-12-30

    A quick seach on the internet led me to photography paradise.

  • 2011 Goals

    written by gelagoo on 2010-12-29

    I don't call it resolutions. I have goals, and here they are, ready to take over my schedule for 2011!

  • OMG! /gelagoo/ is Lomohome of the day!

    written by gelagoo on 2010-12-26

    I cannot think of a summary right now, but I know this day is made of awesome.

  • I'm nominated!

    written by gelagoo on 2010-12-08

    I'm nominated for two years in a row (and I can't even attend the awards night)!

  • Lomography, as a part of my history

    written by gelagoo on 2010-12-05
    Lomography, as a part of my history

    In response to the Lomography Magazine competition, I look back and ask myself, "just how exactly did I stumble into the world of Lomography?".

  • Click That Link, Eh!

    written by gelagoo on 2010-11-25

    How one single click to that hyperlink will bring me to places.

  • Validated Canadian Lomographer's Dream

    written by gelagoo on 2010-11-16

    Almost unable to do it, but I did! Yeah!

  • Project Portrait

    written by gelagoo on 2010-11-09

    Exhibit Chronicles. La li la di da.