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Been a few days since I ordered the Diana 20mm lens and a qualitycanon adapter and today a nice postman kindly delivered through my front door. yahooooo straightaway, I destroyed the 2 boxes to get to the hardware inside. i was like a hungry dog going through meat lol This brought back my lomo memories. yes I did own a lomo product before. Many years ago i gazed my eyes upon a nice set of film, manual, black, not so nice camera….. of course it was the holga and yes i splashed my cash out because i wanted to try some thing new ( sainsbury’s told my to do so) the holga set came with the 35mm so it was really easy to fired it up and get going with me 35mm stock woop. Sadly it broke within weeks and that brought the end of my lomograph age back in the days. luckily I still have all the pics I took so them will go into my album in the future. Enough with the old woffle about the old lomodays and now back with lovely new Diana on DSLR. Firstly the adapter, cool packaging, nice box and fit on my Canon 500d just ok. well there is nothing to go wrong with this bit of plastic a bit plasticky but yea thats lomo innit lol it will be sandwich between the lens and the body anyway no biggy. On to the lens again nice cool box and securely packed. It came with this eye piece to be mounted onto to the diana camera and i reanalyze that i dont need this gear because wellll…… it cant be fitted on my DSLR hoo hoo. i took this eyepiece and took it apart because i want to see what is inside. my plan is to create a fish eye lens for my iphone from these set of lenses hmm evil my 2 set of lens in one go. back to diana 20mm it self.

First of all i must mention that i am not expecting a full blooded fisheye circular effect from this lens and camera combination because since my censor is a CMOS APS-C which means the image projected from the back of the lens onto the CMOS will be cropped, another word i will only get the middle part of the lens. And yes its true bit i still get some fish eye effect in the end which is nice.
At this point i took a sample shot and hoo noo it disappointed me a bit, mainly because the censor record the real colours from the lens :C no good so i went into the camera setting and set a new colour theme for this lens. Basically create a messy and all wrong colour setting in the camera. Second go and hmm it is much better. Wrong interpretation of all colours ( everything got that redish glow to it) height contrast, dreamy. I am please with the result, very lomo.

At this point i must say that this lens is a marmite lens, either hate it or love it. Me? i do like marmite on my toast.
Later on I took this lens apart and see whats going on inside. Don’t worry the lens is now back in one piece have to say it was the first plastic lens I took apart and i was very exciting about it.


Love everybody XXXX

written by gebunnag on 2010-12-04

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