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Kringloopwinkel FTW!

Ik heb een uitgebreide cameraverzameling. De meeste daarvan heb ik bij rommelmarkten en kringloopwinkels op de kop getikt. De één zijn oude rommel, is de ander zijn werldvondst. Tussen de skaileren bankstellen en de oude boeketreeksen kom ik dan ook regelmatig een leuke camera tegen.

Kleur de wereld met Kodak EIR Aerochrome

Toen ik voor het eerst een Aerochrome infraroodfoto zag was mijn reactie: wow! Dat wil ik ook! Nu heb ik deze film dan eindelijk geprobeerd, en denk ik: wow! Dat wil ik vaker doen!

A Mixtape For The Guvnor!

All eyes are on London as we celebrate grand events this year - the Olympics, the Queen's Jubilee, and the launch of our latest analogue love, the La Sardina Camera & Flash 'The Guvnor' Edition! Here is a music playlist to accompany your summer adventures ...

Wide and Wonderful: Conversations Between LC-Wide and adi_totp

I've been using LC-Wide since last year and oh my god I already spent so many rolls. Shooting with LC-Wide is like a conversation. I said "Do this!", "Do that!", and other stuff. Oh well, since I'm having this kind of conversation with my LC-Wide, I will share with you all LC-Wide Lovers what kind of conversation I'm having with this Wide and Wonderful camera. Say hello to adi_totp and his LC-Wide!

Lomo LC-A's Past and Present

28 Years and counting. Check out the different LC-A's we've had over the years, they are real beauties, aren't they?

Fisheye-Wahnsinn: DIY Geburtstagsgeschenk mit dem Circle Cutter

Diejenigen Hand hoch, die auch immer ewig braucht, um Geburtstagsgeschenke zu finden! Schließlich möchte man ja keinen Schrott schenken, es sollte zum Beschenkten passen. Naja, irgendwie brauche ich zumindest immer eine halbe Ewigkeit.

Diana Instant Back+: The Joy of Instant Photography

As an amateur photographer, one of the challenges that I encounter whenever I indulge in analogue photography is the resulting image being different from what I expected. This is where instant photography comes in. Keep reading for more rambling!

Colorsplash Your Way Through Parties For Exciting Results!

Going to a birthday? Takeout? Any sort of celebration? Well, don't forget to add the Lomography Colorsplash to it! Carry it everywhere, blind everyone for a split second, take amazing photos--you have the power now!

LomoCelebs: Brad Pitt's Black & White Portraits of Angelina Jolie

Take a look into the private lives of Hollywood's power couple in these monochrome photographs by Brad Pitt himself! Using rare tech pan film, Brad captured his family's intimate moments for W magazine, starring the stunning Angelina Jolie. If you think Brad does well in front of the camera, wait until you see him work behind it.

Good Things in Small Packages: Houses

So this week it's all about size and the smaller the better is our motto! So, we got curious and wondered how small can houses be and how do inhabitants and architects handle small spaces? Come and enter the world of Small House Movement.

Madame Butterfly

LomoKino Premiere Deluxe of the Week Winner: Listen to the World

As the month of June comes in our way, we have yet another analogue showpiece done by one of our very own LomoKino cinéaste!

Spelen met kleur

Wat betekent Lomography voor mij? Een vrolijk en kleurrijk leven! Ik kan me niet voorstellen dat mensen zonder deze felle, levendige kleurenkunnen. Om verschillende momenten te herinneren en extra van ze te genieten, vertrouw ik volledig op mijn camera's. Ik heb dan ook altijd en overal een camera bij me. Je weet immers nooit wat er kan gebeuren. Laat je gaan en speel met de kleuren om je heen. Nu is het de hoogste tijd om samen met adi_totp met kleuren aan de slag te gaan.

Follow The 10 Golden Rules with The Fisheye Baby 110

Small and sleek, the Fisheye Baby 110 makes for the perfect travel companion. It’s also a camera which perfectly embodies Lomography’s ten Golden Rules - Take a Fisheye 110 journey through them below. Remember rule #10 though; it’s good to forget the rules sometimes!

Easy Doubles for Your Multilens Cameras

One day, while I was looking at my Disderi Robot 3, I thought about how to make it more entertaining whenever I take photos with it....and it's very easy! Be attentive to the explanation and you will see that it doesn't require any special skills!

The Couch of Goonies

On the outskirts of Naples, in a small town called Afragola, in a street that everyone knows as "'ngopp'o rettifilo" lives goonies. Okay I realized, I'll cease to praise me and especially to speak in third person and I'll be right down to it about 'What will I talk to you about this time?'

Russia Day 2012 - Show Us Some Love – Winner Announcement

A few days ago it was 12th June and the end of our massive competition in search of a Lomography Russia Day baby. Unfortunately it looks like no-one has won our grand prize of a Russia family van but we’ve still got 3 scooters to give away! Read on to find out if your competition entry has earned you a trip down the road to love…

Tipster: Analogue Hatwork

Let me show you how to make your own film fascinator using film strips. Yes, film strips!

A Glimpse of My Fisheye World on Canvass

I have a good idea on how to give colour to my boring room. It is by making artworks. I am onto my second piece when I thought of transforming my Lomographic photo into another form of art, a painting. I wanted to incorporate my love for lomography into other things as well.

Diana Mini Leopard: Perfect for Nights Out!

I have had quite a longstanding love affair with Lomography's Diana Mini family and my most recent edition, the Diana Mini Leopard Edition is my all-time favorite! Read on to find out why!

A Peek into the Past Through Restored Automobiles

Is it wrong to take a trip down memory lane to an era that you don’t actually have memories of because you weren’t alive back then? Why is it that vintage cars pull at my heart strings with a certain nostalgia? On a recent trip through Revelstoke, British Columbia, I was thrilled to encounter a vintage car show.

The Tricks of ActionSampler

The ActionSampler is one of the funniest lomo cameras that I have. I have a great time taking pictures of my family and friends, and I always get lots of laughs and people being so interested about this little unusual girl.

Playing with Color: Imitating Revolog Kolor Film

I have always wanted to try Revolog Kolor Film, but for the mean time, I tried out a DIY substite.

Body Parts Again: Open Your Hands!

After my previous article dedicated to my preferred photos of "feet", here you can find my selection of photos tagged "hands". Enjoy!

If My Cameras Were Ball Players

The NBA season is close to its culmination, with Oklahoma, as of the moment, waiting for the winner of the Miami-Boston series. In this spirit, let me introduce you to my team of cameras, in basketball style.

Lost Your Diana Mini Lens Cap? It's Not all Bad!

If you're like me, you have lost your Mini Diana's lens cap somewhere on the road back - on a curbside, in the middle of a wood, on the back seat of a bus. The camera just isn't the same without it. But I have recently found a very simple, low cost and tasty (yes tasty) way to replace it. Read on!

Make Your SuperSampler Fly!

Here's one tipster that is almost not one, but rather a boldness and nothing more. Read about how you can make your SuperSampler fly after the jump!

How to Do Light Painting with the La Sardina

It was raining heavily one night and I was home alone, dying to take some photos. Hence, I took out my La Sardina and started light painting in my room. Let me tell you how you can do it in this quick tipster!

A Lomo LC-A and a Summer Wedding: The Perfect Couple

I'm at that age - all my friends are getting married. I have four weddings to attend this year, I had four weddings last year, and I have already got three weddings to attend in 2013.

Sweet Surreal Dream in Provia Colour

Have you ever imagined yourself falling asleep and suddenly everything becomes a surreal dream? As a shoe-gazing music lover, I created this surreal dream video clip for analogue enthusiasts.

Color the World

One thing I love about analogue photography is how you can use different kinds of film to paint the world in different colors.

Monochrome Babies

We know that you're all curious of Lomography's mystery product to be unveiled next week! And since we would like to give you more clues, we have dedicated this week's gallery post for that ever elusive Lomography product.

A Day in the Life of Charlee the Cat

The majority of my photos consist of my cat Charlee. She is a Himalayan-Tabby mix and is occasionally mistaken for a mountain lion or a lynx. I've always admired the life of a cat... I think I've just about figured out her daily routine, somewhat.

Eén rolletje, 36 foto's en de dag dat ik zelfstandig ondernemer werd

Eén dag, één rolletje en 36 foto's. Ik zag de dag van iemand anders in 36 beelden voorbij komen en raakte geïnspireerd. In plaats van zomaar een dag, koos ik voor de, voor mij, belangrijkste dag van 2012.

Wherever My Feet May Take Me...

I don't know why but it just seems so incredibly easy to take photos of your feet. It's almost like a default when there's nothing else to take photos of. And luckily, some neat shots can come out of it!

Disdis: The story of Leo

As part of our Russia Day competition, we asked the Lomography community to try for a baby on June 12th. Diego (or Disdis as he's known in the community) was a bit early for the Rumble; his baby boy Leo was born in August last year. But we felt compelled to show his story and amazing selection of photos with you guys - Read on for his lovely tale of Leo's birth and development....

LGS Antwerpen Under Construction - #2

In de vorige en allereerste editie van deze serie mocht het hoge woord eruit: er komt een Gallery Store in Antwerpen! Maar waar dan? Dat hielden we nog even geheim. Nu is het tijd voor de onthulling dus lees dus snel verder!

How to Make a Fancy New Strap for Your Diana Camera

A really easy way to give your camera a unique new look is through a nice camera strap. This tutorial will teach you how to make your camera truly your own. You probably already own all the necessary equipment, so there's no excuse not to give it a go!