Last Winter shots and the power of the Holga 3D Stereo


Hi my friends,

Lately I have been writing structured blog entries ? What the hell ! Ain’t I the guy who mixes up 10 ideas in 2 sentences leaving chaos behind ? So here we are today with a real old-school Gauthier Blog. There might be something interesting here, but you will have to read a lot of bullshit to find it.

Yesterday was the last day of winter shooting

Yesterday it was -10 °C, and by tuesday it will be +10 °C. So I had to go out yesterday and shoot some pics. I decided to do something daring. Instead of going to my usual spot, I chose a different one. I had to do a 25 minute drive by bike to get there. And when I got there, the sun started to appear through the clouds. It was so nice. I was constantly walking over small ponds and stuff, and I could hear the ice cracking below my feet. The inevitable happened and the ice broke and I was up my ankles in freezing cold water. It was strange because it did not feel cold. But in fact it was normal, I think, it was somewhere between -14 and -10 °C outside and the water was probably +2 °C, so it did not feel cold. At first.

I redscaled an expired Fujichrome 400 and a Fuji Superia 1600. I also had a Kodak panther PRZ (expired 1995) in my Belair.

Here are my 3 favs, one from each camera. Fuji GW690, Belair and La Sardina

Credits: gauthierdumonde

I love my Holga 3D Stero

I love it because it has two lenses and because I love masks. So I can make a mask for each lens and shoot a special kind of doubles. So yesterday I made myself a little mask, one behind each lens. The first mask was just a piece of see-through paper to make a blurry shot. the second mask was only a paper border creating a frame. I dropped in my favorite Kodak panatomic film (this one expired in 1973 (only two left (I bought them to use them like this in a Holga)). Let’s say I am happy withthe results. This was controlled lomography. I got the result I was aiming at. The first pic was not a double. See the difference (I know it may be the best shot, but I wanted the blurred unsharpness)

Credits: gauthierdumonde

Become a member of my Flickr Group

I have a Flickr group, a real cool one with only two members. It’s called Lo-Fi Portraits. I noticed my lo-fi portraits are not welcome in most groups doing ‘serious’ frodography, so I started my own group where only analogue lo-fi portraits are allowed. So if you are on Flickr feel free to join my group and start up some great discussions. I really would love to have a discussion like ‘Could the arse of donkey qualify as a lo-fi portrait,’ the groups is here: Lo-Fi Portraits

I also have a second group which allows only Lomo-pics taken in Belgium. currently there is only one member, being me. Lomo Belgium If you have shots of Belgium, post them there.

Some people just don’t love Lomography

I read this on someones wordpress blog: Lomography was about the unpredictable collaboration between the imagination of the shooter and the natural qualities of the film. Now, it is just about taking crappy photos and selling cheap photography equipment at inflated prices.

How many times did I already hear this. When I meet fellow lo-fi photographers ( don’t call them lomographers because that’s an insult!) they always say the LSI sells plastic crap at inflated prices and that lomography is all about taking blurred partyshots with a fisheye.

I see lots of great pictures here. I agree however with the guys saying Lomography is not an art but a brand. Whatever, it’s my favorite brand ! (next to Lucky Strike and Fisher Price).

Greetz Your Friend Gauthier

written by gauthierdumonde on 2013-01-26


  1. clickiemcpete
    clickiemcpete ·

    Good stuff Gauthier and fun experiments.

    With regards to those who don't like Lomography, well I'm not crazy about images that are becoming more and more "perfect" to the point where you will not longer be able to tell the difference between a photo and someone standing next to you. And yet, that is all these dingalings seem to want and endlessly argue over. If I wanted a perfect representation of reality I wouldn't bother taking a picture, just stand there and open my eyes. :D To me, the very open, accepting, enthusiastic and experimental nature of this group is what keeps me here and it's always fun to see what everyone comes up with.

  2. af-capture
    af-capture ·

    I like lomography we allow creativity unperfection and experimentation. We are more about capturing without perfection

  3. gauthierdumonde
    gauthierdumonde ·

    @clickiemcpete @af-capture Thanks. Last month I was following a discussion on one of those sites for professional anlogue guys. They were discussing the differences between slide films when cross processed. Yes they cross too. One nice guy said that was a good site to evaluate crossed film, because everyone almost used the same camera, the lc-a, you got a consistent body of crossed film types. Another dude answered that he did not want to spend time looking at a website dedicated to a toy camera. Onto which the nice guy said that that the dude should check out and that the people over there actually reached a high level of photography that could compete with their work.

  4. buckshot
    buckshot ·

    Great blog! Good to see you're keeping busy... and getting some great results for all your efforts! On the subject of 'professional' sites, I went on flickr this morning to find advice about redscaling slide film, and I found enough stuff on there to keep me reading for an hour. Most of it is people just repeating stuff that was already said, but there's still quite a bit on there that's interesting. I think the world is big enough for 'our' community and 'their' community. A chacun son truc, n'est-ce pas?