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Old's Cool Old School: Vintage Diana Cameras

Check out this super sweet collection of vintage Diana cameras! We found 35 retro reincarnations of the medium-format plastic camera from the '60s and '70s so we're sharing the treasure trove with you. Time to scout your own attic for one, or buy a brandspankin' new Diana F+ from our Lomography Shop!

Top 5 Analogue Products That Have Made A Lomographic Comeback

When it comes to all things analogue, trust Lomography to be ahead of the curve. From bringing the 110 format back from the dead, to reviving and improving the favorite camera models of yore, discover the interesting history behind some of our best-selling Lomography goodies that have made a comeback!

How to Rescue Images That Even the LomoLab had Given Up On – Extreme-Scan it Yourself!

Tips on getting the most out of very badly exposed images using a scanner.

Holga - Using Coloured Filters

Ever wondered how to use coloured filters for your black and white holga shots, and what effects they have? I have the answer for you

Salt Printing: How to do One of the Earliest Photographic Processes in History at Home!

Print images onto ordinary paper turned light-sensitive by some almost magical alchemy from the earliest days of photographic history. Salt your paper with ordinary table-salt and sensitize it with silver-nitrate. Contact print large negatives in the sunlight and see the images appear right before your eyes. No darkroom needed.

My First Professional Photoshoot with An Pierlé

On April 8th, singer-songwriter An Pierlé of Belgium allowed me to take photos of her during her soundcheck at the Ghent's hermitage in Lille for her new album entitled Strange Days. Take a look at the photos I took for my first professional shoot after the jump!

Meryl Streep, Leonardo DiCaprio & Diane Keaton On A Thrilling Log Flume Ride!

For today's Overly Descriptive Title photo, we've got the cast of Marvin's Room (1996) about to make a big splash!

Instax 210 Wide Multiple Exposure

Instax Wide Camera 210 is an instant camera made by Fujifilm. I want to share some tricks to get multiple exposures using the Instax Wide 210.

Film Cocktail Overdoze

No matter how bad you treat your film it will always survive!

Sell, Promote, and Distribute Lomography In Your Area!

If you're setting up a shop or if you already have one, imagine how great it would be to see some delightful Lomography items in your merchandise.Turn your passion into a job of your dreams - we're here to help!

Fuji Instax 210 WIDE vs Diana Instant Back+

Both Fuji Instax 210 and Diana Instant Back+ deliver the signature soft polaroid look, but the handling of these two cannot be more different. Come find out more!

Test Drive: Sunny Fruit Juice Camera

This time I was lucky to try out quite an extraordinary camera - Sunny Fruit Juice Camera 35mm. This little queen of covert cameras is truly a spy's dream, and even Agent 007's sophisticated gadgets pale in comparison.

166+ Series #17: Tipsteroids 166+, Part 5

In order to close the composition topic of these “Tipsteroids”, we have to speak about the relationship between some kind of subjects and the film format, in terms of composition. Understanding WHY the result with the square format is so amazing, will give you also the abilities to compose better your pictures with your Lubitel 166+.

166+ Series #15: Tipsteroids 166+, Part 3

The square format requires a completely different approach in terms of composition. In particular the classical rules of composition cannot really be applied, like the “rule of thirds” or similar. Let’s see why this is true and how to improve the composition of square format pictures.

Secondhand Love Affair: Adding a Hand-Me-Down Camera to the Collection (Part 1)

Photography is still a fairly new hobby for me as it started only about a year ago. But ever since last August, I really dove in head on and when my family found out... well, my aunt decided to give me her old Canon AV-1 that she grew up using!

Canon AV-1: Your Introduction to the Basics of Photography.

Don't turn your nose up just because this isn't a "Lomo" camera, this SLR might just be the start of something beautiful...and it will teach you a thing or two in the process!

The Mysterious Photographs of Alison Scarpulla

Alison Scarpulla is a 22-year-old, analog photographer. To give her images a mysterious look, she edits the negatives using acid and wine.

LomoGuru of the Week: Gocchin

He has won one huge Lomography contest, have tried tons of Lomography tips and tricks, have made friends outside and inside the Community, and has truly lived the Lomographic life!

Make a 'Quadrachrome' Filter for Your Diana F+ Out of Unused Flash Gels

Do you have a bunch of Diana F+ flash gels sitting around unused? Well, here's an easy tip on how to turn them into rainbow gold...and start capturing the world in glorious quadrachrome!

DIY Colour Filters

Want to give your photos a twist of colour? Follow this tipster and have yourself a set of filters to use in no time!

Double Exposure for Beginners

Simple double exposures for beginners!

The Ultimate Newbie Analogue Bucket List!

With the beginning of 2013, a whole new year of analogue opportunities awaits. But, with the endless ideas the Lomographic Communiy has to offer, it’s hard for a newcomer to pick which idea to try first.

Most Popular Photo Last Year: February 1, 2012

Jump shots are fun to take but I tell ya, it's doubly challenging when done in analogue photography!

Get Experimental with the Diana Mini!

With a tiny plastic body, 35mm convenience and easy-peasy dual shooting formats - just the thing for those analogue experiments! Now, this bundle of joy comes packed with the retro-styled Diana F+ Flash!

Big Fun with the Diana Mini!

As you cannot still change your Diana Mini lenses like you can with Diana F+ here is an idea for getting that different effects on your photos!

Tutorial: How to Fix your Diana Mini for GOOD. No More Film Advance Problems!

Diana Mini is a great camera, and with this quick modification, we will make it better. When I could not find the answers I was looking for, I took matters into my own hands. I have a knack for taking things apart and fixing them so I thought this would be easy, and I was right.

Self Made Redscale

I saw an article awhile ago on how to make your own Redscale film, so I thought I'd share it with you all :)

Tipster: How to Take Symmetrical Images with Exposing Both Sides of the Film (EBS)

Today I will be introducing the technique so called EBS, exposing both sides of the film, one of the most unique techniques within Lomographic photos. Is it hard to do it? Maybe! But once you get good luck and concentration, you might get amazing results!


Create Yourself a Diana Mini Splitzer

Do you own a precious little Diana Mini and have you ever dreamed of shooting with a splitzer? Well I have the perfect thing for you!

Quickie Tipster - DIY Diana Shutter Lock

This Lomo quickie gives you just the tip about creating your own DIY shutter lock from a 35mm film case. If you lost the one that came with the camera, recycle a piece of plastic that's been around the photography block for your lock.

Tracing My Lomo Beginnings: The Birth of an Obsession!

When I opened up my very first Lomography camera on the day of my 20th birthday, I never imagined my love for all things lomo would, in a short time, explode! Needless to say, my life changed that day when I left the digital grind behind.

Got Milk?

You've lost your Diana F+ lens cap? Here's a solution that requires nothing more than... a bottle of milk.

Fritz the Blitz, Adapter Kit Surely Won't Light you Down!

Fritz, as I call him, is my ever dependable light companion. Wherever I go, I always make sure I bring one flash with me, so I wont feel bad that it took me until night time to shoot, or whenever the subjects I want to take be inside a dim- lighted room. Like the famous tagline of a deodorant, I'm sure Fritz wont let err light you down!

Long Exposures and Lomography: Shooting Light Trails in Hong Kong

Use your Holga or Diana F to shoot light trails; Learning the ins and outs of long exposure photography in Hong Kong.

Comparing Holga and Diana

Have you ever been confused by these two cult cameras: the Holga and the Diana? Both are made of plastic and have plastic lenses, so they might produce pictures of the same quality like vignetting and soft focus. My curiosity made me purchase a Diana camera to experiment!