New to Film


I got a Minolta x-370 film camera, and I am using an Albinar 28-85mm f/3.5-4.5 manual focus, for now. I found a pdf of the manual if anyone is interested in seeing it to go here:
Slowly I plan on buying other camera bodies and lenses. The dream is to collect a variety of working film cameras from Canon to Pentax. I thought that I would be a part of the Lomography website, so as to get some tips, and basic help on how to become a better photographer with film. This website has a lot of talented artist that have given me ideas and inspiration on what to capture next, or which film to use. This is a hobby of mine, and I just want to share the moments that I have captured with everyone. I’m not good at blogging, but I thought I’d write at least one for myself. So here goes everything,

written by filmfotos on 2012-10-22


  1. ksears119
    ksears119 ·

    Good luck on your journey! I have really enjoyed getting back into film photography. I love the uncertainty of what exactly is on the rolls I sent to be processed. After shooting sharp and properly exposed digital photos for years I love look of the high contrast shots from my new LC-A+ and the bit more proper shots from my Leica C1 point and shoot camera. I also have an old Nikon F2 that I need to use more and recently received a 1950's era Voightlander Vito II that I'm anxious to try.

  2. 110isnotdead
    110isnotdead ·

    Welcome, can;t wait to see your photos. I use a Minolta X-370 as well and I love it. It is a great all-around camera. I have the 50mm prime lens for mine. I would consider getting one of those especially if you want to take dusk and night photos. Have fun with it. :))