Macro madness - please help :)!


All the pictures are kind of blurry, with lots of bokeh and seem to have gotten into a tornado :)! Kind of charming, but not the effect I intended… I have no idea what I did wrong. Any ideas?

Credits: feemail

These are the only three pictures that turned out at least a bit, like I expected them to.

Credits: feemail

Would be great, if anyone had some tips for me.

Thank you :)!

written by feemail on 2011-07-06


  1. schemerel
    schemerel ·

    I think I've seen this effect with someone who put his macrolens on backwards on purpose, so maybe you accidentally did ?
    Or maybe your distance is wrong ? I think you need to get closer maybe, because macro is suppose to be very very close and from what I see here it is more a close-up distance, but I am not a pro at all so I could be wrong.

  2. schemerel
    schemerel ·…

    scroll down to see the picture where he inverted his lense, it has quite a simular effect (it wasn't a macro lens though I was wrong about that)

    I hope you can figure it out, good luck !

  3. feemail
    feemail ·

    Thanks for your opinion. I checked it, but I don't know, how you would be able to put it on backwards, so, no, I don't think this is my problem... And I don't think it's a distance problem either. I checked each time with the distance between be thumb and pointer, which is exactly 15cm.... So, still no idea :/!

  4. feemail
    feemail ·

    Still, thanks for the link. I see what you meant...

  5. apophisv
    apophisv ·

    Das ist der Aufsatz für die 55mm-Linse, oder? Kann es sein, dass der Fokus am Objektiv selbst falsch eingestellt war? Irgendwie ist das nirgens erklärt, welche Fokuseinstellung die richtige ist, daher hatte ich bei meinen ersten Experimenten ( z.B. den auf Unendlich gesetzt, weil der Fokusring so am tiefsten im Objektiv versenkt war und ich den Eindruck hatte, dass der Aufsatz so besser "passt". Ich habe wohl nicht den Gegentest gemacht, was bei einem veränderten Fokus passiert, evtl. kommt es so zu Deinem "Tornado-Effekt"? Müsste man mal systematisch ausprobieren!

  6. feemail
    feemail ·

    Ja, richtig, diese Linse! Möglich das du Recht hast, ich hatte den Fokus auf 1-2m gesetzt, das erschien mir persönlich am logischsten ;). Deins ist ja recht scharf...

  7. vicuna
    vicuna ·

    Mit der Diana 55mm Linse und Close-up Teil, muss man die diana auf die kleinste Entfernung einstellen, un dann 15 cm vom Objekt schiessen... das hat bei mir gut funktioniert...…

  8. feemail
    feemail ·

    Mmh, dann hätte ich ja theoretisch alles richtig gemacht... Seltsam!

  9. buckshot
    buckshot ·

    I just bought the Diana 55mm + close-up lens combo, and the instructions that come with it specifically say that the focus needs to be set on infinity.

  10. feemail
    feemail ·

    They really do?! Mine do not... I have to try that. Thanks :)!

  11. buckshot
    buckshot ·

    Yeah, I checked again - it says "Please note that the 55mm lens behind the close-up lens must be set to the infinity focus setting." Curiously, the German, French, Spanish and Italian versions do not include this instruction!

  12. feemail
    feemail ·

    Oh thanks so much! Note to self: Always read the german AND the englisch instructions :)!